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10 Most Popular Female Twitch Streamers


With quirky and ‘toxic’ characteristics, Kaitlyn Siragusa aka Amouranth always lives up to her infamous hype. Many say her channel makes no sense as it literally looks like a body show, but Amouranth seemingly doesn’t give a f***. She feels happy with that, not to mention a large amount of money that could be used to pay her monthly bills.

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PiinkSparkles was a beauty vlogger on YouTube before arriving at Twitch in 2015 and gradually rising to fame – not because of her gaming talent as she always makes use of her smoking body to attract audiences, from pulling the shirt to reveal her breast intentionally to letting them see a seductive pair of thighs.

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AriGameplays from Mexico is no doubt one of the most beautiful female streamers on Twitch – she knows how to melt your heart with her baby face and cuteness. But what’s more, you’re likely to be distracted by “trivial things” like this:

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Tara Babcock

It must be an unforgivable blunder if Tara Babcock isn’t spotted in this list. The former bikini model owns unbelievable body curves that will make you go crazy. Remember to keep your desire on the low once you decide to cast a quick glance at some pics of Tara below.

Twitch 4 1
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STPeach started her streaming career on Twitch by getting involved in a bunch of popular games like CS: GO, Fortnite or League of Legends, etc. Unlike other fellow streamers in this list, STPeach won’t make you feel too “stressed” with her nice shape of breasts!

Twitch 5 1
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As for Pokimane, the numbers speak out for herself – over 5.3 million followers on Twitch and an additional amount of 5.4 million YouTube subscribers. Honestly speaking, Pokimane actually has more than lure fans as you might think. The streamer never fails to show people her goodness at playing games like a traditional Twitch streamer rather than just baiting views.

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ChloeLock loves shooting games like CS: GO or Overwatch, and she also loves keeping in touch with real-time viewers whenever she hosts a livestream on Twitch. To your surprise, Chloe is a professional model and she even made her own way into Britain’s Next Top Model.

Twitch 7 1
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Those who are fans of the FPS genre might have once heard about SSSniperWolf. This girl actually makes a raid into your heart with her classic beauty and…okay, her breast size.

Twitch 8 1
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Jade-Anh Ngo

Jade-Anh Ngo possesses the mix and match of Eurasian beauties, so it’s evident that she will take your breath away once you realize. Jade also has gained a lot of reputations in the League of Legends community.

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Twitch 9 3
Twitch 9 4


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