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10 The Most Hottest Women in Africa

Women of any color have the loveliness in their own. The black women are bold, assured and sincerely beautiful. African ladies are well-known for her impeccable features, extremely good expertise and sparkling pores and skin. The word ‘beautiful’ were redefined via way of means of the African ladies. They were snug within side the tone in their pores and skin and exuded self assurance from their head to toe. The African ladies are all strong, wise and feature the strong aggregate of each brains and beauty.

10. Hanan Tariq

Hanan Tarik (uAmharic: ሃናን ታሪክ; alternatively known by her srname Tariq or Tarq; born June 30, 1994) is an Ethiopian actress and former beauty pageant noted in various films and dramas. She first gained attention in the 2015 TV drama Wolafen, where she played as a role of Rosa until 2017. Her renown in films emerged in the fall of 2017.

9. Thandie Newton

Thandie is a 1972 baby from Zambia. She is a famous actor and made known when she star in the iconic movie like Mission: Impossible 2. She is widely popular because of her acting skills. She said that from her early age, she had been subjected to racism because she is black. She usually got picked on when in school and this was made her stronger which leads her to her confidence.

8. Nonhle Thema

Nonhle is from South Africa woman and born in 1981. She is a popular TV personality, producer and actress too. She had been in the show business for quite a time and had made her trademark in the television world as one star.

7. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita had grown up in Kenya but was born in Mexico in 1983. She graduated from Hampshire College of her Film and Theatre Studies degree before she became an actress. She is famous for her beautiful and bold features that make her to stand out in the crowd. In year 2014, The People’s Magazine called her as “The Most Beautiful Lady.”

6. Dillish Mathews

Dillish is a 1990 baby from Namibia, Africa and famously known for taking part in the reality TV series of Big Brother. She was fond of education ever since she was just 7, and she’s a psychology student. She has done different photo shoots when starting her modeling career and she is also an actress.

5. Adaora Akubilo

She is from Nigeria and was born in 1987 and now she is a model. She is deeply connected to her born land, Nigeria because she spent long time studying about her culture and land before she even signed by the modeling agency. Adaora is considered as one of those fittest models from across the world and had appeared in 2012–2013 Sports Illustrated Swimming Suit Editions.

4. Joelle Kayembe

Joelle is an actor and also a model from Congo, Africa who was born in 1983. She is famous for her role being Zina in the film Zulu in 2013. She began her acting career at age 19 and she has been highly admired by the fellow stars because of her perseverance to grow and work to become an actor.

3. Atong Demach

Atong was born in Sudan on 1988 and she is now a professional model. Atong is a South Sudanese entrepreneur and another African woman that has both the brains and beauty of a woman. She has struggle for success from the very early age and has been extremely hardworking and then she won in 2011 with the title of Ms World Africa.

2. Jawahir Ahmed

Jawahir is a 1991 baby and was born in Utah, USA. She is a model who also a definition of beauty and smartness and with the vision to serve as the health advisor to the engineers without borders. Jawahir hope to bring the change in the humanity in any way that she can. Jawahir has signed in the ageny of Stars Talents Group Modeling. She represented Somalia during the 2013 Ms Africa Utah beauty pageant and which she won.

1. Zozibini Tunzi

She is a model and a native of Cape, South Africa and she was their newest Ms Universe, and holds the respect of being their country’s third woman to win the Miss Universe title and the also the first ever black woman to make so since year 2011. She’s an activist that aims to place the end to the gender-based violence. In her age now of 26, she’s working hard to modify the perceptions from around current gender stereotypes. The current world is in need of more inspiring women that is exactly like Tunzi.


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