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10 Things You Must Do to Make the First Date Successful

Whether it is a blind date or with somebody you have been admiring for weeks, sustain a basic degree of courtesy. This means doing the simple things like picking her up or scheduling the date in such a way that it doesn’t inconvenience her. Doing simple things like pulling the chair for her or putting your jacket across her shoulders if it gets too chilly are traits associated with a gentleman.

Stay away from your laptop. If you do happen to switch it on, don’t read any emails that might force you to get back to work and spoil your weekend. Kids get to play after they finish their work, so why not you? Browse your social networking sites or read about things that interest you, instead.

Complimenting her might seem like a regular thing to you. However, she might use this as a parameter to judge your degree of interest or how genuine you are. The way you compliment her reflects to what degree she fascinates you and how closely you have observed her. Be realistic and generous in your compliments without going overboard or being too corny.

Give Her The Limelight On The First Date

This is perhaps the only rule for making first dates successful, i.e. don’t guide the conversation towards yourself. Keep it on her, about her

issues, her interests and her perspectives. Make her feel that you truly want to know more about her. This will instantly raise her index of liking for you, enticing her to talk about things you wouldn’t know for sure.

You might be quite intense and talking about the more realistic things in life is your cup to tea. However, for first date’s sake, keep away from the darker side of things. Don’t over-analyze things and keep the conversations light and fun. Don’t try to crack jokes but don’t miss a chance to say something spontaneously funny.

6. Keep Your Body Language Conservative

Keep Your Body Language ConservativeYes, this might be a bit surprising for those who believe in fast-lane dating but the fact remains that still, most women don’t want to proceed too

fast. So prevent from asking questions that border upon getting intimate. Stop digging up her past. Be guarded in your body language. It shouldn’t represent you as someone flirty or desperate to get into her pants. At most, your body language should reflect that you are confident and are attracted towards her.

Don’t Get Into Typical Girly Conversations/Arguments

7. Don’t Get Into Typical Girly Conversations/Arguments
With so much being written and read in the dating niche, most of us know what topics get women serious. This includes things related to their ex-boyfriends, their body weight or shape.
and relationship with their mothers. On the first date, try to keep away from such topics. You don’t want to get into an argument. Even if she seems a bit uptight, maintain your composure and your smiling demeanor

8. Follow The Vibe But Safely
src=”https://img.mensxp.com/media/photogallery/2013/May/1369377144_63446.jpg?w=580&h=387&cc=1″ alt=”8. Follow The Vibe But Safely” width=”580″ height=”387″ data-src=”https://img.mensxp.com/media/photogallery/2013/May/1369377144_63446.jpg” />

9. Ending the Date Properly

Irrespective of whether you found her perfect or her dressing sense repulsed you; don’t be too animated as the date nears its end. Compliment her a bit forgiving you such nice company. Ask her if you missed on something by mistake. Keep your smile on and sustain the eye contact. Even if you don’t go for the last-minute goodbye kiss, it is okay—this will not spoil your impression.

10. Following-up on First Date

Message her from your phone, asking if she has reached home safely. Don’t suggest anything in this message unless she leads the messaging further.
The next day, you can call her up. Keep your tone casual. Express some curiosity about what she thinks about you. Gauge from the flow of conversation whether a second date seems imminent or whether this was a wrong connection.


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