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10 Weirdest Couples Ever Seen in the World

I don’t know what kind of couples you’re used to seeing around, but these are definitely non-standard examples.

Do you believe opposites attract? That love is blind? Whatever brings people together, what exists between the individuals on this list must be strong enough to overcome all differences.

You are about to meet the 10 strangest couples in the world. If you still haven’t found your perfect match, don’t worry, these examples demonstrate that there is no barrier to love.

1 – The youngest couple in the world

Our list will start with highscores. And you’ve just met the youngest couple in the world. American Jayla Cooper got married to her beloved at the age of 9.

Pretty early isn’t it?

But don’t think it wasn’t for a good cause, the little girl had been suffering from leukemia for a few years and didn’t have time or reason to wait.

2 – The couple with the biggest difference in height


There are 94 centimeters of difference, as you can imagine, the limitations appear even in the moment of a simple kiss.

However, not the barrier to the love of this couple, married for some time, they easily deal with differences and live a happy life together.

As they say, love is beautiful.

3 – The couple with the biggest age difference


You, who questioned the relationship of Tatá Werneck and Rafael Vitti, have no idea how many couples in the world have a significant age difference.

The record belongs to Ahmed Muhamed Dore, an Indian who at age 112 formalized his union with a 17-year-old.

Do not think that it was pure tradition, according to him, he lived for years waiting for the girl to grow up to ask her to marry him.

4 – The shortest couple in the world


The record for the shortest couple in the world belongs to Brazilians Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and his beloved Katyucia Hoshino.

The young couple are respectively 88 and 89 centimeters tall and met online.

Outside of traditional standards, they are seen as one of the strangest couples, but the truth is that this encounter was written.

5 – The tallest couple in the world


Tired of meeting couple records? This is the last one on our list, but don’t think that the world’s weirdest perfect pairs end here.

The couple Martin and Ana are known as the tallest in the world. She is 2.28 meters tall, while he measures 2.19 meters. Was it the great height that brought them together?

It’s amazing how some couples seem so strange to us, however, in fact, for each other they end up being perfect.

6 – The couple formed by a woman who suffers from anorexia and an obese man


Two completely opposite pathologies living together in the same house. When they met at a clinic during treatment, she weighed about 40 kilograms and he, 220.

Somehow this, who is one of the strangest couples on the planet, has found something in common in their differences.

Never doubt the places that love can bloom.

7 – The dwarf bodybuilder and the *transsexual


It’s okay if you didn’t find everything you’ve seen so far so absurd. But can you imagine a relationship between a dwarf bodybuilder and a *transsexual?

Anton Kraft fell in love with China Bell as soon as he met him. As if the differences already mentioned were not enough, while Kraft is a dwarf, China measures 1.90 meters in height.

Can you imagine the challenges this couple has to face? But have no doubt, they live happily and face life together.

8 – The dating of the tallest girl in Brazil


Elisany da Cruz da Silva, the tallest girl in Brazil, maintains a relationship of years with Francinaldo da Silva.

Don’t think it’s been easy for them to deal with the differences and the looks, but Elisany didn’t think twice before saying yes to her lover’s proposal.

9 – The Scottish athlete and his wife


What do you think of our list of odd couples so far? Gloria Shuri Nava and Ali Lawriel are yet another example of a couple that is highly judged for their differences.

But let’s be honest, did you expect a famous athlete to marry an obese woman?

No, he wasn’t bewitched like the boy in the movie “Love Is Blind”.

10 – The couple with the same name


This is something that no one imagines possible. Have you ever thought, you are looking for the love of your life and decide to use the internet to find him.

Amazingly, you not only fall in love, you discover that the man or woman in your life has the exact same name as you. Coincidence or fate?

That’s what happened to the Kelly Hildebrandt couple


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