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25 Things I Like About Guys

1. We love a funny guy.
We’re not expecting a comedian. But we do expect you to keep it light-hearted and to make a few jokes now and then (even if those jokes aren’t yours!) It also helps if you think our jokes are funny too.

2. You gotta smell good.
Don’t dose yourself in cologne, however. A little deodorant and soap goes a long way. Even the simple smell of your fresh laundry can be intoxicating.

3. You have to look clean.
Pull those pants up. Clean your face and comb your hair. We’re not asking for much here.

4. We prefer natural over bulky.
It’s a myth that we like guys with huge muscles. In fact, it’s a turn off when you can’t even lift your arms because they’re so bulky and bulging. We like guys with all types of body figures, but athletic and toned is the popular preference.

5. When you can’t keep your hands off us.
We love the attention. There’s no better feeling than feeling wanted.

6. When you smile.
It doesn’t even have to be at us (although smiling at us makes us swoon). Just smiling at a stranger or your mom warms our hearts. So keep on showing those pearly whites!

7. We like loyal guys (no player zone).
This goes without saying, but playing games to stroke your ego turns us off. You’ll end up in a lot of drama if you go down this route.

8. Boys with style.
It doesn’t matter what your style is, each girl has a own preference, but you gotta look like you at least put some effort into your image. Don’t just throw on dad jeans, running sneakers, and a worn-out hoodie.

9. When you share your feelings.
Girls love a guy who shows his sensitive side. It shows us you’re more than just your looks.

10. When you make a small gesture, like opening the door for us or offering your jacket.
Flash alert: Chivalry is not dead. And NO, it’s not a double standard. Be a gentleman and you’ll win major brownie points.

11. When you text us back (or just text us, in general).
We love this small gesture because it shows us you’re thinking about us. This doesn’t mean sending a long romantic love ode (in fact, don’t do that). Sending us a “hey, what are you doing” or a funny video or meme saying how you think we might like it is all we need.

12. When you show you’re thinking of us.
You don’t have to buy big, expensive gifts for us. We like it when you get us a bag of our favorite candy or send us a song that reminds you of us.

13. When you’re tall(er than us).
Cliche, but still true for most girls. This doesn’t mean that if you’re on the shorter side, you don’t have a chance. Be super confident and suave, and suddenly, height is irrelevant.

14. You have a positive attitude.
Us girls freak out a lot! And we need a confident guy who can keep a positive attitude to calm our nerves and assuage our fears.

15. Talent. Sports, music, fixing cars, we love them all!
If you do you do anything other than playing video games, then you’re potential. Talent is super sexy. We’re not even expecting pro level. Just pick up a hobby and show that you’re passionate about it.

16. We love a guy who listens. Truly listens.
When we’re having a bad day, we want you to empathize with us and understand where we’re coming from. Show us that you’re on our side. You don’t need to say much. We like you to listen and say things like “I’m sorry” or “that sucks.”

17. If you love animals, you’re a keeper!
If you don’t love cuddly animals, you have no soul. JIK! But a guy that has a soft spot of animals has a sensitive side, and we like that.

18. When you give us a cute nickname.
This is cheesy, but it shows an intimate affection that doesn’t exist between just friends. The nickname can be something common like “babe” or something more unique like these cute pet names.

19. You’re genuine and honest.
Don’t try to pretend to be cooler or tougher. We can see right through it. And it’s a huge turn-off.

20. Confident guys are sexy.
Be secure in who you are. This kind of goes with the last tip. Don’t try to be someone you’re not and also don’t be so shy that we find you approachable. Smile and be yourself.

21. Goal-driven. We want to hear your plans for your life.
If you can’t see yourself doing anything in your future besides playing video games, you’re boring. We like guys that are motivated and have dreams. It makes you exciting.

22. We like guys who care about others.
This can be your mom, your sister, your little brother, or your dog. We like guys who are caring and unselfish and giving towards others around them.

23. You should be generous.
We hate guys who are stingy! We’re not asking that you blow cash whenever we go out, but please offer to pay for us. It’s gentlemanly. Never expect a girl to pay…or even worse, ask her to pay!

24. When you ask us how our day went.
We love it when you take interest in our lives and want to know what’s going on. Asking us how our day went shows that you really care.

25. A guy who likes more than just looks.
There’s nothing we hate more than superficial guys. Look beyond clothes, money, and spray tans and appreciate something deeper please!


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