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7 dating apps to find new love during quarantine

The opportunity to explore dating apps arrived with quarantine. As direct contact is limited, technology can help those who are looking to experience overwhelming love!

During the quarantine, the main dating apps registered an increase in virtual dating and messaging among Brazilians. A survey by Happn, a competitor of the well-known Tinder, highlighted that 54% of users did not mind having their first meeting via video conferencing.

Social interaction may be limited, but, as expected from human beings, alternative ways were found to meet the need for connection with other people.

And if this period has made you more anxious than usual, we will help you to face this quarantine by overcoming anxiety. How about having more fun? 😉

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Relationship Apps: The Opportunity to Reinvent Yourself in Quarantine
There is still a fear of relationship apps, often painted as “slutty apps”, among people more reserved and uncomfortable with new technologies. Older people, in particular, may find it difficult to see the dynamics of virtual relationships with good eyes due to lack of habit.

You need to understand that you, as a user, are in control of deciding what kind of relationship you want to cultivate from the very first contact in the app.

You don’t need to accept bolder proposals if you don’t want to. You can look for people interested in serious relationships or those looking for something more casual, with no need to plan for tomorrow. If you find someone unpleasant, it’s easier to end contact.

These apps are perfect to alleviate the loneliness of social isolation and help you find a partner with similar interests. Thus, the probability of finding someone who matches your ideals (be careful not to exaggerate the demands!) is greater.

Furthermore, these virtual relationships are also forms of distraction from the current moment. Spending the day only thinking about the worst is maddening, which is why dating apps can be useful to lift the mood, reduce homesickness and get out of the comfort zone.

After all, in the face of adverse conditions, it is necessary to find intelligent and pleasurable ways to take care of mental health and, somehow, get on with life. And nothing like a new love to boost your self-esteem, right?

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Relationship apps to try
Below are the top dating apps. They are available for both Android and iOS systems. The apps have similar functionality, so the choice depends a lot on personal taste.

Possibly the most popular application of the moment, Tinder has already gathered thousands of Brazilians before and during the quarantine. After downloading the app and creating the profile with a photo, the user can start the search for people located within a certain distance. Profiles appear in the form of photo cards.

Profiles that aroused interest are moved to the right, while those that did not cause an impact move to the left. To match (a close translation would be “to match”), users need to like, or like, each other’s profiles. That way, the chat can start.

From this point on, just keep talking to get to know the person and set up virtual meetings.

Happn is a direct competitor to Tinder, which is equally popular in the dating app market. In it, the user can find the profile of people who are physically close.

Due to the pandemic, the app has increased the distance allowed to seek encounters from 250 meters to 90 kilometers! Still, contacts that are at a shorter distance are preferred.

When a user is nearby, a warning message appears, showing the person’s profile. The next step is simple: call the person to talk, if they managed to pique your interest.

Badoo is a veteran in the online dating business. With an intuitive and easy-to-understand look, the application provides user profiles, possibility of private conversations with those who showed interest and search filters. These filters actually exist in all applications and have little difference from each other.

They help you specify details to make it easy to find your desired profile, including factors such as age, gender, interests, body type, location, purpose (friendship counts too!), languages, and marital status.

The application used to have many fake profiles, but it has improved its working mechanism to verify users’ identity. Through a photo of the face, Badoo can tell if the person is real or confirm if he is who he really says he is.

With over 90 million users, Bumble is multi-purpose, meaning it works to seek love and friendship. THEapplication also allows you to network, looking for similar professional profiles.

The romantic option, Bumble Date, however, is the most popular. The app is considered a safer alternative for women, as they make their first contact. The person contacted has up to 24 hours to respond. Otherwise, the connection disappears.

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ParPerfeito is another application that has been in the online dating business for a long time in Brazil, but in the form of a website. Now, it has apps to bring people together and build relationships.

With a refined search system, it is possible to find different people compatible with your profile. The interaction mechanism is the same as the others: when seeing someone nice, the user sends a private message. In notifications, he can check who visited his profile, who added it and who left “winks”.

One of the highlights of ParPerfeito is the security that the relationship application offers users. If someone behaves inappropriately, you can report them to be notified by the app. If necessary, the account can be expelled.

Grindr is an application fully aimed at the LGBTQI+ community, including gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, among others. However, it is usually visited mainly by gay and bisexual men.

Although it allows the insertion of characteristics such as ethnicity, physical type and sexual health, the app does not prohibit creating fictitious names nor does it require the use of photos. However, people with real names and photos are given more attention. It is also not necessary to make the age public, so the user just passes this information on to whoever he wants.

Users can bookmark or block profiles, as well as choose to start a conversation with the chosen person. A different function is the possibility to leave “cookies” in the profile. This option alludes to the slang that appeared on the internet to refer to the act of leaving compliments and likes in flashy photos.

Her is an option for gay and bisexual women. Despite being a dating app, it also allows for the formation of friendships. The user just has to indicate on her profile who she wants to find.

The entry of men is prohibited so that women have more privacy and security. Because of this, the application has an identity verification system. This feature also prevents the creation of fake accounts.

In addition to romantic connections, the app also promotes the organization of LGBTQI+ meetings and shares news of interest to the target audience.

New features of relationship apps
To fit the pandemic landscape, dating apps also needed to reinvent themselves. In addition to modifications to increase the radius to find people, some apps made available exclusive options.

Tinder, for example, plans to launch a video calling feature for virtual meetings. Bumble, which has had this option since 2019, has seen the number of users grow during quarantine. The video option increased 38% between late March and early May alone.

In April, Tinder had created the “passport” option in order to promote virtual interactions between people from different countries. This, however, was only a passing modification.

Application users themselves often extend conversations to WhatsApp, which is often synonymous with more reserved chats, calls and video calls.

Quick tips for using dating apps
Before you start using some of the apps available today, you need to always be aware of your security in the digital world.

Some online etiquette tips for beginners involve not giving out personal data or compromising information, being wary of fake profiles and, if possible, making your first date in a public and busy place.

Only share more personal information when you know better the person you are interacting with.

Video calls, in addition to helping to alleviate the feeling of loneliness caused by the pandemic, also serve to prove the person’s identity. Use them to verify that you are chatting with someone real and not a made-up profile.

These tips are not meant to scare you, but rather to promote good use of the internet and dating apps. They are very nice and have contributed a lot to the mental well-being of many Brazilians, but they also require some special care.

Make sure you’re talking to a mature, authentic person who doesn’t need masks to be comfortable with their individuality.

If you need help, count on Vittude’s psychologists!
Finally, don’t give up! If you need help understanding if you are ready for a new relationship, or if the time is not yet, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional.

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And if you want to go on looking for a new love, invest in out


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