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92-year-old grandma becomes florist and bridesmaid at her granddaughter’s wedding: ‘Wonderful experience’

At 92 years old, Dona Georgiana Arlt stood out as florist and main bridesmaid of her granddaughter’s wedding.

“I was honored. Very, very honored,” the elderly woman told ABC News of the moment her granddaughter, Abby Mershon, invited her to be the center of attention at her wedding. “I was in shock. I did it with pleasure and I’m glad I did it and I’m glad I lived long enough to do it.”

grandma florist bridesmaid wedding granddaughter

grandparents celebrate birthday
107-year-old voice celebrates her birthday with her best friend, who is 105

For the bride, it was obvious to highlight her grandparents on her big day. She also wanted her grandfather to play a special role, but he passed away almost exactly a year before their wedding, which took place on July 1st.

“I always knew my grandmother would be involved and I really wanted my grandfather to be the ring bearer too, but he passed away a year ago,” said Abby, of Mankato, Minnesota.

“My husband and I invited her together to be our florist in front of our entire family. My grandmother was overwhelmed with joy. It was so cute,” she added.

grandma florist bridesmaid wedding granddaughter
Arlt donned a shiny silver dress as she paraded down the aisle tossing her flowers to Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl”.

“I was happy and happy there. I wanted to entertain everyone walking down that hall. I must have, because they were all laughing at me. So they made me dance and I slept through the night when I got home in bed. I was exhausted,” Grandma said.

grandma florist bridesmaid wedding granddaughter
Abby, 27, could tell the exact moment her grandmother made her grand entrance into the ceremony because her family applauded and cheered so much.

“I was hiding and I heard people screaming and clapping, so I had to look out the window,” recalled the bride.

“My lady was there to help me and said, ‘Abby, you need to hide,’ but I said, ‘I can’t miss this moment.’ People were cheering. It was amazing. This is exactly what I wanted. I wouldn’t have wanted anything less than to make my grandmother feel special.”


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