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A Couple Had The Most Beautiful Twins… Look Where They Are Now!

Jaqi and her husband Kevin Clements had their twins earlier than expected, but they were born healthy and beautiful. The Clements family welcomed little Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements in 2010, and like all parents of newborns, they’ve seen their lives change drastically.

The girls have unparalleled beauty and, with their mother’s help, they have already become professional models. Here are the images of the Clements twins, who captivated the internet and now have thousands of followers on social media.

Check it out below and be surprised!

The early arrival of the twins
On July 7, 2010, Jaqi Clements prematurely gave birth to twins Ava Marie and Leah Rose. The little ones arrived four and a half weeks earlier than expected, but over time Jaqi understood why: “They came four and a half weeks and a half earlier than expected, but knowing their personalities now it makes perfect sense that they came unannounced.”

Since birth, the twins already attracted the attention of family, friends and strangers. And it couldn’t be different! They weren’t ordinary babies. The two girls have always had a unique and natural beauty. And it didn’t take long for them to gain international fame for their silky hair and symmetrical faces.
Everyone said the same thing: they had to be models!

With such beauty, they did not go unnoticed. Since the birth of the twins, Jaqi had always heard the same statement. Her mother says that she was often counseled about the girls’ future: “Wow, they are so beautiful, you should really think about putting them on to model.” It was then that she decided to put her daughters on parade and advertising campaigns.

After so much counseling, Jaqi finally sought professional guidance. When they were six months old, the children were enrolled in a modeling agency in Los Angeles. However, the first hurdle arose. Jaqi already had a two-year-old son to take care of: “It was difficult to leave the house most days, so my attempt at the time was short and I decided it was not the time.” The first attempt only lasted three months.

A modeling career was even considered, but Jaqi preferred to be cautious. She felt that raising the twins out of the limelight would be the right thing to do right now. There were no regrets in taking the kids out of modeling. As time went by, things slowly began to change. Can you guess what happened next?

What do girls want?
More concerned with providing care and education for her three children, Jaqi put off the idea of putting the little ones in a modeling agency. It took just three months of testing. However, she never stopped thinking about the possibility of seeing her daughters modeling. It was then that she took into account a very important factor: the twins’ dreams. With the ultimate goal of keeping the family happy, Jaqi decided to listen to her daughters’ opinions.

A intenção até que era boa, mas Ava e Leah ainda eram crianças.Eles não tinham idade suficiente para tomar suas próprias decisões ou expressar claramente suas opiniões. Jaqi e seu marido foram cautelosos ao tratar do assunto. Eles pensaram muito sobre como e quando era o momento certo para permitir que as gêmeas decidissem por conta própria.

lucky number seven
One thing that needs to be mentioned is how much Jaqi believes in signs. She says seven is her lucky number, so it’s more than a coincidence that the twins were born on July 7. The girls’ seventh birthday was approaching. And they would turn seven on July 7, 2017. The “coincidence” messed with Jaqi’s head.

giving girls the idea
By the time they turned seven, Ava and Leah were involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, such as dancing and swimming. During the girls’ seventh birthday celebration, Jaqi took action on the matter: “I told the girls that if they were willing, in addition to their weekly dance lessons and swimming practices, they could try it out. the modeling”.

ready for action
Jaqi says the girls have always loved performing to friends, neighbors and strangers. Ava and Leah never had a problem dealing with the public. Jaqi doesn’t know where the little ones got this feature. So you already know what their answer was. The mother reports how she heard her daughters say “yes”: “I wasn’t surprised when they started jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to start modeling life!”. It was from that day on that the twins began to model.

And the modeling starts again
Now that the kids were older and excited about modeling, the process would probably go much smoother. And coincidentally, Jaqi’s neighbor was opening a children’s boutique and needed some models to help market the new business. Of course the beautiful twins got the job. “Also, I needed some new photos to get an agent for them. So I figured it would be a great opportunity for all of us,” said Jaqi.

starting slowly
The girls were still very young. Putting on a lot of makeup and wearing a collection of pretty clothes could be detrimental to the development of little ones. So Jaqi decided to go slowly. Jaqi preferred to take control of his daughters’ careers at first: “I took my 10-year-old Nikon camera out of the garage, put some waves in the girl’s hair, applied some blush and went out to take some pictures.”

It was necessary to learn
Ava and Leah always looked impressive, but that doesn’t mean they intuitively knew how to model. Some things take time. Jaqi realized this during her first photo shoot with the twins: “Ava was looking at the camera while Leah was looking into space…Leah accidentally bumped into Ava, who obviously thought it was on purpose and pushed her back.” It wasn’t as easy to arrange the new models as the mother imagined.

Returning to an agency
With no doubts about the future of the daughters and with a lack of knowledge about the subject, Jaqi decided to take the girls back to a professional agency. She feared it would be difficult to find an agent after six years since the first attempt. “I still had a handful of contacts, so I decided to start there,” she said. “To my surprise, almost everyone asked to make an appointment to meet the girls,” she added. They ended up signing with two agencies, but problems surfaced behind the scenes.

dual agency
Jaqi felt that having two agencies representing his daughters would bring more opportunities and exposure for them. Everything was going well until one of the agencies called him. “Hi, we wanted to let you know that we were able to get the girls right through to a callback for a Barbie Audition tomorrow,” one of the agents told Jaqi. She panicked because the girls had just gone to the same audition with the other agent. She revealed the truth and the problems were resolved within hours.

Exposure on social media
Jaqi started an Instagram for the girls called @clementstwins in July 2017. She had no idea what she was doing when she decided to create the account. In a short time, the page had many followers. The first objective was to use the tool as a portfolio for agencies and gain a fan base, but Instagram turned out to be all that and more in a few months.

Instagram becomes success
The twins’ beauty was just one reason their Instagram account was so successful. Jaqi used some tactics to win his thousands of followers. And she revealed some secrets: “One thing I learned is that you need to invest in the photos you publish… You can’t settle for an average photographer because you want to save a few bucks.” Got the message, guys? Take quality photos! Today there are more than 600 thousand followers. So she knows what she’s talking about.

All in family
Ava and Leah were becoming successful when their older brother Chase proved to be a talented boy too. Chase signed with the same agencies as her younger sisters and showed that modeling is in her blood. Chase isn’t just a pretty kid. He also knows how to act on camera. Like the twins, he was also in some commercials and showed a lot of skill.

2017 was the year
2017 was a great year for the twins and the whole family. Even before all the success achieved, Jaqi already sensed that 2017 would bring her daughters a lot of luck. He recalls his preference for the number 7: “I’m a big fan of the fates and everyone knows that 7 is the lucky number. I had a feeling this year would be a fun and exciting year for them.” And a mother’s intuition doesn’t usually fail.

One of the hardest challenges
For the girls and their mother, one of the most difficult aspects of their new lives in the modeling world was the traffic of Los Angeles. They typically travel to downtown Los Angeles several times a week, which can sometimes translate into 5-6 hour round-trips. But today they are more used to this routine.
Job offers everywhere
It didn’t take long for everyone to realize that girls had the gift for modeling. Soon after they decided to try modeling, they already had six jobs in a week’s time. Wow! While this may seem tiring, they didn’t consider it enough and wanted to do more and more. This is passion!

the good and the bad
Jaqi is relatively new to the industry. Before her daughters started modeling, she had no prior knowledge of the subject. As time goes by, she is learning more and more about the business and says there are ups and downs. In her blog, she lists the good, bad and ugly aspects of this fashion world. She says the most important thing she’s learned is, “Before trusting someone to guide you, make sure you know who you’re getting involved with.” Here’s the tip!

Finding the right orientation
Jaqi has adopted a number of strategies to make sure he is getting the right advice from the right people. She believes that if something feels odd, it’s best to follow her maternal instincts. In addition, she always does a thorough research on the professionals she is looking for and also prefers to pay in the long term. That way she can be more secure.
“They look sad”
One comment a mother reads often is that her daughters look sad all the time. Some followers even say the twins are being forced to model and aren’t having fun. The family responds by saying that some photo shoots are more solemn than others and that they are far from sad.

trying to ignore the negativity
Jaqi also highlights the difficulties in dealing with negative comments that are directed at her daughters or her family on social media. Although she has learned to ignore negative reviews, it’s not always easy to focus only on positive feedback. She feels a lot of pressure to protect her family and fight back, but reminds herself, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”

posture in makeup
One of the biggest cares the family takes is whether the girls are wearing makeup. Although most people don’t consider this a problem, their parents believe they are still too young to use so many beauty products. Jaqi comments on how this world works: “In almost every job done by the agency or in any professional photo shoot, there is a hairdresser and makeup artist hired on set. Why!? Because that’s how the industry works.”
the most hated comment
While there is an endless backlash from the public on the girls’ careers, the comment the family hates most is when people say “let them be kids.” This bothers their parents as well as the girls because they weren’t forced to model. It was the twins who chose to follow this path and they do it with relish.
what else do they do.

Although modeling now takes up a good deal of time, the twins are still ordinary little girls. They still enjoy playing during photo shoots, creating music playlists in the car, and other commonplace activities. However, what they most enjoy doing is dancing and they used to do this in front of the camera before they started modeling.
The Benefits of Living the Modeling Life
While modeling life can be exhausting because of her travels and photo shoots, she has also helped to bring the family together. Every trip is a new experience and a new chance to spend more time together than most families. Plus, they meet new people and make new friends all the time, which is part of the experience.

Steps to Instagram Success
You can’t get 300,000 Instagram followers in such a short period of time without knowing what you’re doing. Luckily for us, Jaqi has some tips that helped turn his little girls into Instagram superstars in no time. Even Jaqi herself has gone from knowing very little about social media to being an expert of sorts. Check out our next slides for some tips.



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