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Amber Heard Sobs As She Recalls Alleged Australia Fight where Johnny Depp allegedly*sexually*assaulted her with *vodka bottle

This is the second day she’s taken the stand during the $50 million (£38 million) defamation trial brought by her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Heart was talking about an alleged fight the couple had in Australia when she began to sob on the stand.

Heard claimed Depp had her ‘by the neck’ over the countertop and that although she was ‘looking into his eyes’ she could ‘no longer see him’.

Amber Heard Sobs As She Recalls Alleged Australia Fight With Johnny Depp (@LawCrimeNetwork/Twitter)

She went on to describe a struggle between them, where she claims she frantically attempted to ‘get through to Johnny’.

Between sobs, Heard said: “I don’t know how that ended… I don’t know how… I don’t know what happened next…”

She took a moment to compose herself before telling the court Depp had pinned her ‘backwards’ over the top of a bar area and claimed she felt ‘pressure’ and believed he had been ‘punching her’.

However went on to accuse Depp of putting a bottle inside her.

She tearfully told the court: “I don’t remember what I said, I just remember being really still and not wanting to move and I remember looking around the room and looking at all the broken bottles, broken glass, and I remember just not wanting to move because I didn’t know if it was broken.

A sobbing Amber Heard recounted a fight in Australia with Johnny Depp during which she claims that he sexually assaulted her with a vodka bottle.

Of the March 2015 incident in Australia, Ms Heard said Mr Depp had lost “a tonne of weight, so I knew something was up”.

“The first night … when he shoved me, I went skidding across the floors … it was so easy for him to throw me around like that,” she said.

She added that Mr Depp grabbed her neck and smashed her head against a wall. Ms Heard said she slept behind a “barricaded” door and that she took sleeping pills to fall asleep. When she awoke, she said Mr Depp was “still up”.

Amber Heard admits to hitting Johnny Depp in recording
Ms Heard said they had an argument about drugs, including MDMA. “He took a handful of pills … either eight or ten pills … of MDMA,” she said.

She added that Mr Depp blamed her disliking his sister and that he was unglued about entertainers she had worked with, remembering Eddie Redmayne for The Danish Girl.

By March 2015, Ms Heard said she had heard Mr Depp utilize the expression “the main way out of this is passing”, alluding to their relationship, multiple times.

In a resulting battle, Ms Heard said Mr Depp hammered her “hard” against the dividers, considering her a “wh**e, sl**, fata**”.

She added that he would drink before her “as a demonstration of power”. She asserted that Mr Depp said that others had cautioned him about her and that “no one” loved her.

She said she pushed him off of her, and that he answered “you want to go, young lady?” and continued to push her into a games table and that he kept “whacking” her face.

Ms Heard affirmed that Mr Depp “provoked” her to take a container from him. She said she in the end snatched it and “crushed it on the floor” which “truly set him off” and that he “underhanded” her and tossed one more jug at her.

She added that he later had a “broken bottle” against her face, saying that he would “carve” it up.

Ms Heard said she didn’t remember if she threw anything in his direction, but that she doesn’t think she did.

“He was throwing these bottles, one after the other, and I felt glass breaking behind me,” she said, adding that he ripped off her nightgown.

“He’s screaming at me that he hates me and that I ruined his life,” Ms Heard said. “I f***ing hate you, you ruined my f***ing life,” she quoted him as yelling.

Ms Heard said Mr Depp’s eyes went “black” and that she “couldn’t see him anymore”.

“I’ve never been so scared in my entire life,” she added. Ms Heard said Mr Depp was on top of her and that she tried to tell him that he was “really hurting me”.

“I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t get through to him, I couldn’t get up … I don’t know what happened next,” Ms Heard said.

“I could feel this pressure on my pubic bone,” she added, saying that it “looked like” Mr Depp was “punching” her, adding that there were “broken bottles, broken glass” all over the room.

She said she didn’t want to move “because I didn’t know if it was broken, I didn’t know if the bottle that he had inside me was broken”.

“I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t feel pain,” she added, saying that she remember thinking “please God, I hope it’s not broken”.

“I don’t know how that ended,” Ms Heard said, adding that she remembers being in the bathroom “retching” and that she “lost control of my bladder”.

“There was blood on the floor,” she said, adding that she took sleeping pills to fall asleep that night.

When she woke up the next morning, she said it “became clear that he was still up, he hadn’t gone to sleep”.

Ms Heard said she saw “dried blood” on the walls. “I saw what looked like my name,” she added.

“By the time I had gotten down the stairs, the blood had been taken over by paint, navy blue paint,” she testified, adding that one of the paintings in the house “had a giant*penis on it”.

“He just looked, he wasn’t there anymore, it wasn’t Johnny,” she said of Mr Depp concerning the March 2015 incident.

Ms Heard said Mr Depp has his hand wrapped in “bandana rags”.

“Look what you made me do, I did this for you,” Mr Depp said, according to Ms Heard. She said she “quickly became aware” that he was using his finger as a paintbrush “even though there were lots of paintbrushes around”.

“I figured out he was missing a finger, he kind of held it up,” she added.

“What did you do? When?” she said she asked him. “I realized in my head that there could have been many hours since this probably happened.”
“I didn’t know if the bottle he had inside me was broken. I couldn’t feel it. I didn’t feel pain. I didn’t feel anything.

“I looked around and saw so much broken glass. I didn’t know if he would know if it was broken or not. I just remember thinking ‘please God, I hope it’s not broken’. I don’t know how that ended.”

This is the second day Heard has testified in the trial, yesterday (4 May) she told the court Depp had ‘hated’ actor James Franco, whom she starred alongside in The Adderall Diaries.

She claimed Depp had become jealous of her having to film sex scenes with the star and called her a ‘slut’.

She said: “It got worse and worse, just more. It went from asking me how my kissing scene went or sex scene went. To asking me what James Franco had done in the scene.

“To being really explicit about my body. […] He was saying really disgusting things about my body, about how I liked it, about how I responded.

“Then he started straight up taunting me. ‘I know you liked it’. He called me a go-getter. He called me a slut. And this was happening with his security and his assistants on the plane.”


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