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Bella Thorne makes $2 million on OnlyFans less than a week after joining

Bella Thorne’s first week on OnlyFans has been a huge success after the star raked in $2 million (£1,522,302).

The former Disney star is charging $20 (£15) a month for her exclusive content, after previously leaking her own nudes on social media to combat hackers.

Bella has launched an OnlyFans and set new records (Picture: Instagram/@bellathorne)

And according to a rep for OnlyFans, she broke a record by earning $1 million (£760,750) on her first day on the paid subscription service.

The site is known for its X-rated content posted by mostly *adult performers and influencers and the 22-year-old is the first content creator on the platform to earn that much money in 24 hours.
And by the end of the week, the Los Angeles Times reports the total had gone up to a cool $2 million.

It comes after no surprise after the Shake It Up actress joining the site caused the platform to temporarily crash.

Bella announced the move with a video on Instagram, telling fans: ‘Excuse me, I have an announcement.’

The video saw the star posing in a bikini, while wearing a diamond-encrusted necklace reading ‘*sex’.

OnlyFans commented: ‘Welcome to our OnlyFans family Bella 😊 We’re super excited you’re here’, while tennis star and model Adi Spiegelman wrote: ‘You are gonna be a millionaire.’

Bella Thorne makes $2 million on OnlyFans less than a week after joining the platform
The former Disney star has already made $2 million in less than a week (Picture: Bella Thorne/Instagram)

She opened up to Paper magazine about her choice to join as she stated: ‘OnlyFans is the first platform where I can fully control my image; without censorship, without judgement, and without being bullied online for being me.’

Thorne took to Twitter to offer an explanation and an apology. “I wanted to bring attention to the site, the more people on the site the more likely of a chance to normalize the stigmas, And in trying to do this I hurt you. I have risked my career a few times to remove the stigma behind sex work, porn, and the natural hatred people spew,” she wrote. “I wrote and directed a porn against the high brows of my peers and managers because I WANTED to help with the stigma behind sex.”

The actress, 22, went on to say, “I am a mainstream face and when you have a voice, a platform, you try to use you in helping others and advocate for something bigger than yourself. Again in this process I hurt you and for that I’m truly sorry.”

She blames the PPV snafu on the site’s new policies. I’m meeting with only fans about the new restrictions to find out why!!! This is f%$d up and I’m sorry … comment any ideas or concerns you want brought up to OF!! and send me your links and a pic so I can promote you guys.”

Bella Thorne, the actress, singer, and entrepreneur, best known for starring on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up, certainly shook it up this past week.

Thorne is the latest celebrity to sign up to OnlyFans, a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell or purchase original content. While some mainstream celebrities and influencers, such as Cardi B, have OnlyFans pages, the platform is primarily known for its*adult content.

After setting up her account and asking $20 for a subscription, Thorne quickly made $1 million in 24 hours, temporarily shutting the site down. She will clear $2 million by the end of the week. Not bad for posting alluring original content, which the actress stresses will not be nude.

You have to subscribe to Bella’s page to see the 17 photos and four videos she’s posted so far, but the star’s bio reads ‘I’m your b****’ and links to her Amazon wishlist.

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The*pansexual star is no stranger to the world of*adult content and*sex positivity after she directed an erotic film forPornhub called Her & Him last year.

And she told the LA Times she’s planning on putting the earnings into her production company, while she plans to use the site as research for a new movie.


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