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American actress Chrissy Metz has struggled with being overweight almost all of her life. Portraying Kate Pearson’s character in This Is Us – a girl struggling with her weight – is a bit of a part of Metz’s real life. Getting depressed about her appearance and after having a panic attack, Metz decided it was time to get in shape. With diets and exercise, she has shed 45 pounds and will continue to work out until she loses all the excess weight. Very good!

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress and comedian known for her role as Brynn in Maid of Honor . After years of battling obesity, Wilson took his weight loss transformation very seriously. With strict diets and going to the gym six days a week, she managed to lose 2 pounds and continues to lose more weight. Soon, the nickname “Fat Amy” will no longer be valid.

Gabourey Sidibe made her first film debut in 2009, with a lead role in Precious , which brought her her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Then, she joined the cast of TV series, The Big C. , American Horror Story: Coven and American Horror Story: Freak Show . Fighting weight control and obesity for years, Sidibe was determined to start losing weight. With regular diets and exercise, she managed to lose 22 pounds. She is still working on her weight loss process and there were rumors that she underwent gastric sleeve surgery, but the actress never confirmed these stories!

Along with Seth Rogen and Zach Galifianakis, Jonah Hill is another famous actor we all know as a funny chubby guy from comedy movies. After fellow actor Channing Tatum advised him to drop a few pounds for his role in Angels of the Law , Hill began to take his weight loss process seriously. He started out on strict diets and exercising regularly, losing all the extra pounds he gained in the end. Hope he keeps his new body!

For most of her career, Britney Spears was followed by controversies, including her weight issues. She gained remarkable weight when she suffered a severe mental breakdown. However, as soon as she regained control of her life, taking her mental health in stride, she began her incredible weight loss program. Today, the pop star only weighs around 54 pounds.

Currently playing the beautiful Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds , the 45-year-old actress has long been considered a huge style icon and motivator when it comes to large women. Although Kirsten Vangsness has received a lot of criticism throughout her career for being overweight, she surprised fans in 2014 with her sudden weight loss, looking even more beautiful. Kirsten credited her weight loss to the book Full-Filled, by Renée Stephens, a six-week plan to reduce weight without strict diets or surgery. Vangsness found that the book included a spiritual method of weight loss, accepting yourself and forgetting words like “discipline”, “diet” or “willpower”. And while there has been no official record of how many pounds she lost, Kirsten is believed to have lost around 22 pounds.

Everyone knows that losing weight is not easy and that getting into good shape is more than a purely aesthetic issue. In the lives of celebrities, as much as we think not, conquering the perfect and healthy body is also a challenge.

A good example of this, as you will see in today’s article, are celebrities who have recently lost weight. And when we say “lost weight”, it’s a lot of weight!

As you will see, some have lost 20, 30 and even 45 pounds. Can you imagine such a transformation?

Now, if you’re wondering why these celebrities lost weight so quickly and what they did to get such good results, it’s best to stick with it until the end. As you will see, although they managed to lose weight and achieve healthy bodies, the truth is that joining the list of celebrities who lost weight was not easy for them, as you can see below.

John Goodman

The actor, who became very famous in the role of Fred Flinstone, in The Flintones: The Movie (1994), decided to lose weight for fear of dying. He suffered from several diseases caused by obesity, which came under control after bariatric surgery and losing 45 kilos.

Kim Kardashian

The second pregnancy added a few extra pounds to Kim, who has always been known for her beautiful body. After a lot of dieting and a heavy exercise routine, Kim managed to lose 30 pounds and is in top physical shape.


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