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Emma Lohoues: Miss Jennifer Ondo declares war on her; his celibacy at 40 begins to disturb

Almost 40 years old but still single. The celibacy of the Ivorian influencer Emma Lohoues hurts her fans a lot. But it seems that the actress is happy in the situation.

Recently the actress had even invited her subscribers to participate in a series of questions and answers and the latter did not miss the opportunity to ask her why she still does not marry.

The Boss Lady was clear in her response in these terms:

Did Queen Elizabeth I get married? Who am I? lol

It is clear that his answer had an effect on many people, including Miss Gabon 2013 Jennifer Ondo Mouchita.

Finally, the Gabonese beauty queen Jennifer Ondo has explicitly refuted the pride that Emma Lohoues releases in her celibacy. A real moral lesson that the boss of Empire 17 may take badly.

Jennifer Ondo Mouchita therefore wrote on her Instagram account these words:
Emma Lohoues Jennifer Ondo celibacy marriage
Jennifer Ondo
“Today I was sent a video of a woman named Emma Lohoues saying that being an independent woman is better than being married.

I do not share this opinion and I find it very inappropriate, especially coming from a so-called influencer who is almost 40 years old.

Being an independent woman is good, but it’s even better to be independent with a man by your side. It is not normal to encourage young girls to focus on money when it does not bring happiness, otherwise the suicide rate would not be higher among the rich.

A woman needs a man by her side and vice versa. The discourse that the woman will not need a man as long as she has money is most often used by those who think they have everything but a man of their own, or who have become hardened because of multiple disappointments. in love.

In any case, they still hope to find the man of their lives. But with age, it gets harder. Just look at the majority of so-called “influencers”.

This is why I think that beyond the means that a woman can have, it is more judicious for her to marry and start a family while aspiring to financial independence”.

Surely this beautiful speech will fall into the ears of Emma Lohoues who could marry like Coco Emilia. But who knows if this is the start of a clash between the 2 in case she took the lesson for provocation.


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