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Even without arms and legs, a father raises his two daughters alone: “Best father in the world”

Paraguayan Pablo Acuña has neither legs nor arms. However, the limitations did not stop this father from raising his daughters in the best way possible.

mother abandoned her daughters
This is because the girls’ mother abandoned her daughters when the youngest was months old. The world collapsed on the head of Pablo, who would have to turn to give the best creation to his daughters.

For the daughters, Pablo has never missed anything, and that makes them feel very proud of their father.

“My father is my world. He is my friend, confidant and the best father I could have. That’s why I left my life in Argentina and came home to take care of him, because my grandmother can’t anymore, she’s too old,” said Elida, Pablo’s youngest daughter.

“He can’t move on his own, he depends on someone else even to go to the bathroom, but he can answer his cell phone by dialing with his nose and also use the TV remote in the same way,” she added.

Daughters want to repay their father’s sacrifices
Pablo didn’t measure sacrifices and now it’s time for his daughters to reciprocate. Elida was a one month old when her mother left and threw the responsibility on Pablo’s back. She highly values ​​her father’s bravery and everything he has done for her and her sister.

“When I was four months old, my mother abandoned us. Now I am 26 years old and my older sister 29 years old. My father and grandmother took care of us,” she said.

The hardest thing is to think that in all this time, Pablo never looked sad in front of his daughters.

“I never saw my father sad. He is always cheerful and gives me very wise advice even though he never went to school. He’s a very smart person, I admire him. He’s the best dad in the world,” she said.

Pablo depends on a wheelbarrow to move and dreams of having his own home
Pablo had problems in childbirth and that is why he was born without his upper and lower limbs. He now depends on a wheelbarrow to move.

Fortunately, despite his age, Pablo has never had any serious illness and seems to be in good health. His biggest dream in life is to have a home of his own. Little to go.

“My father’s most cherished wish is to have his own home. We live on rent, the owner of the house where we live wants to sell us, the price is 95 million (Guarani). What is missing right now is 8 million guaraníes (equivalent to US$1,155) to fulfill her dream”, said Elida.

We hope that day comes soon!

As beautiful as this story, it is the story of the father who decided to raise his child with Down syndrome by himself after the child’s mother decided to give him up for adoption.


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