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Fans demand Disney & Warner to APOLOGIZE to Johnny Depp: ‘Triple his salary to return’

The slander preliminary of the ten years between Johnny Depp and his ex Amber Heard has reached a conclusion and the jury has shown up at a decision. The jury come to the end result that Heard stigmatized Depp. Notwithstanding festivity and euphoria, a few enthusiasts of Depp have taken to Twitter to hammer Disney and Warner Bros for favoring Heard, as Depp was projected out of the 6th piece of the film establishment.


They request that the diversion organizations issue a general acknowledgment to Depp inferable from the absence of help during the a month and a half of the preliminary. Johnny Depp was set to assume his famous part as Captain Sparrow in the 6th Pirates of the Caribbean film which is possessed by Walt Disney until he lost the job following Heard’s homegrown maltreatment claims. Moreover, he was likewise approached to leave the job of Grindelwald in the ‘Phenomenal Beasts’ establishment created by Warner Bros following the 2018 commentary.

Disney & Warner to APOLOGIZE. Credits: Disney

JOHNNY DEPP WINS! Jury conveys entertainer a faltering $15 million triumph, however Heard gets $2 million

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard preliminary decision made sense of: 3 counts that demonstrated Depp was criticized by his ex

A few clients shared ideas like paying Depp more after the organizations ‘severed all ties’ with him. Following are a portion of the tweets where fans request an expression of remorse.

One client said, “so you folks going to like freely apologize to Johnny Depp? Perhaps significantly increasing his compensation to get back to #PiratesoftheCaribbean would be an exquisite beginning. #DeppvsAmberHeard #DeppHeardTrial #JohnnyDepp #disney”


This client said, “#Disney is deeefinitely pissed they cut off the tie with #JohnnyDepp. A privateers film subsequent to being demonstrated guiltless would have crushed the movies. Method for going morons.”

“I think you owe Captain Jack Sparrow an apology..and make certain to cower! #DeppVsHeard #JohnnyDepp #Disney,” was another idea.

Another tweet read, “#JohnnyDepp’s case gave desire to numerous guiltless men who are survivors of deceitful complaints by ladies like #AmberHeard. Capacity to you Johnny!”

“#Disney and #WarnerBros owe #JohnnyDepp a HUGE expression of remorse!! #JusticeForJohhnyDepp was served today! He didn’t merit how was treated him! #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent,” said another.

One more said, ” hello #Disney simply a fast one… Will you be releasing a general acknowledgment to #JohnnyDepp for giving him a role as blameworthy until demonstrated guiltless without hearing the real factors? Indeed, the realities have exposed themselves today. We as a whole will stand by… #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #DeppHeardTrial”

This client essentially said, “#Disney and #WarnerBros owe #JohnnyDepp an open acknowledgment #JusticeForJohhnyDepp”

“#Disney and #WarnerBros owe #JohnnyDepp a conciliatory sentiment for favoring the terrible liar #AmberHeard. Their inclination is self-evident and has been for quite a long time, yet presently the tide has changed,” said another.

In his public articulation, Johnny expressed gratitude toward the jury as he said, “And after six years, the jury gave me my life back. I’m genuinely lowered.”

He said, “All along, the objective of bringing this case was to uncover reality, no matter what the result. Talking the reality of the situation was something that I owed to my youngsters and to every one of the people who have stayed ardent in their help of me. I feel settled realizing I have at last achieved that.”

The Pirates of the Caribbean star was granted $15 million and Heard was granted $2 million.



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