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Fun and very smart, goats and goats make great pets.

These animals are very sociable and love to be around people and can be trained to learn tricks like dogs.
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They are very docile and playful animals, they get along well with people of all ages and with other pets.
These animals need to have a balanced diet for a healthy life.
For good health, the environment must be kept clean and the hull well trimmed.
Like dogs and cats, goats need to be dewormed and vaccinated periodically.

Mini goats are more common as pets, but the “standard versions” also have similar characteristics, the difference is basically in size.
Very popular animals – mainly because they become memes – goats and goats are more thought of as farm or farm animals, however, these animals are also an excellent choice to have as a pet.

In several countries, especially in Europe, goats and mini-goats became a fever a few years ago and are very popular. And not without reason, goats and goats (and goats in general, such as sheep, for example) are very sociable and get attached easily to guardians and even other pets – it is not even recommended to raise a goat alone. .

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Mini goats are also as smart as dogs, they love to play and can also learn a variety of tricks. Studies also indicate that they can cling to their tutor as much as dogs and cats.

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The personality of the little goats

As they are very docile animals, they are widely used as therapeutic animals, especially in the treatment of children with physical and mental disabilities, and also as an attraction for the little ones in parks and farm hotels, as these pets get along very well with children.
The accumulated energy of these pets is not only spent on games – which, in a small space, guarantees destroyed objects – they are also quite noisy, so it is almost certain that, in a space with little space like an apartment, the tutor of a little goat will not be well regarded among the neighbors.

Goats are also full of energy and love to bounce around – a very appreciated feature of these animals – so it is not recommended to raise them in apartments or houses with little space. The ideal is to have at least one farm or a spacious backyard, so that they have a place to run and spend all that energy.

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Health care

Goats are companions and fun
Goats are companions and fun
To have a goat, in addition to ample space for the animal to have fun without destroying all the furniture in the house – they like to climb and jump over everything – it is necessary that the tutor is aware of some important details, which are important for the health of these animals.

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The place where this pet will live must have a rough floor so that the pet’s hull wears out. Otherwise, this process must be done manually, cutting and sanding the pet’s hull. If it gets too big, the animal’s hoof can crack and, in addition to hampering the animal’s mobility, it can cause serious infections.

Even if the intention is to raise the pet in an open environment, it is necessary to have a covered place for the goat to protect itself from the cold and rain, these animals are susceptible to pneumonia, which can even cause the pet’s death .

A common goat can reach up to 58 centimeters and 140 kg in adulthood, while its “mini” version reaches a maximum of 40 centimeters and weighs up to 28 kg. Life expectancy, in both cases, is 15 years of age. If well taken care of, this pet can accompany a child into adulthood.


Goats and goats are as docile as cats and dogs
Goats and goats are as docile as cats and dogs
As herbivorous animals, they don’t need to share the dog’s or cat’s food with the goat, they need their own food and a balanced diet with vegetables, such as fresh grass, corn and soy. Mineral salt is also important, as it is very good for your health, as long as it is given without exaggeration.

Attention to food must be taken seriously, as excess can cause food poisoning and even lead to death. Tutors who have gardens at home, for example, should be careful, as goats can wipe out the entire crop in a few minutes.


Goats are fun pets
Goats are fun pets
Like any animal, goats also need hygiene care to have a healthy and happy life. The hoofing must be done by a professional and, preferably, the pet must be used toto this since childhood, to avoid stress. This is a feature that is also common with mini pigs, as the hooves of these animals never stop growing.

The place where these pets will live must always be organized and clean, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria that harm the pets’ health. Like dogs, goats are also prone to fleas and ticks. Dewormers and vaccines must be given periodically, it is important to consult a veterinarian.



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