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Goat Species: Behavior and Curiosities

Belonging to the bovine family, with a subfamily of goats, goats are ruminant mammals that have some wild animals in their lineage, such as wild goats, the markhor and the ibex. We also have several breeds of domestic goats, which are nothing more and nothing less than a subspecies of wild goats.

Goats are animals that have compartmented tetra-type stomachs. This type of stomach has an essential power in the vital health of this animal. Both in terms of digestion, as in regurgitation and re-digestion of food.

There are goats that, despite their popular names, are scientifically not considered real goats. This chance happens to the Rocky Goat, which actually belongs to the genus Oreamnos.

Goat Species and Subspecies
We currently have more than 300 species of goats already cataloged that inhabit a large part of the world, living among people alone or in groups. Goats have a very visible diversity between species. Each species has

a size size between males and females;
thicknesses, shapes and sizes of horns or horns;
amount of horns, with most goats having a pair of horns, but there are scientifically recorded reports that there are goats with up to 4 pairs of horns;
presence of beards, or not, in both females and males;
difference in the amount of teats. While the male has two pairs of teats, females have only 1 pair;
some species of goats can cause the female to have up to 8 teats;
females give birth to only 2 or 3 pups at most per gestation;
The largest breed of goats we have is the Boer and the smallest breed is the African Pygmy. Its size difference is drastic. Another curiosity, due to its size and high amount of meat, is that the Boer breed is used for the production of goat meat. Its leather or skin is also used for trade.

Preferring woody species, goats are animals that select the sprouts found, feeding curiously from the bottom until reaching the top of the plant.

Among the 300 species of goats, we have the following best known cataloged goat species:

Capra aegagrus – Wild Goat (Bezoar Goat, Pasang)
Capra aegagrus hircus – Goat
Capra aegagrus creticus – Kri-kri (Goat of Crete, Agrimi, Ibex of Crete)
Caucasia Capra – Western Caucasus Tur
Capra cylindricornis – East Caucasus Tur
Capra Falconeri – Markhor
Capra falconeri heptneri – Markhor of Bukharan
Capra falconeri chialtanensis – Markhor of Chialtan
Capra falconeri megaceros – Straight Horned Markhor
Capra falconeri jerdoni – Markhor of Suleiman

Capra ibex – Ibex of the Alps
capra ibex ibex
Capra ibex nubiana – Ibex from Nubia, can also be Capra nubiana
Capra sibirica – Asian ibex, can also be Capra sibirica
Pyrenean capra – Spanish Ibex
Capra pyrenaica victoriae – Ibex Gredos
Hispanic Pyrenean Capra – Ibex Andaluz
Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica – Ibex of the Pyrenees†
Capra Pyrenaica Lusitanica – Portuguese Ibex†
Capra walie – Ibex Walia

goat behavior
Goats are very easy animals to domesticate, learning their functions quickly and are considered intelligent and curious animals. Many people like to train their goats to pull cars and walk with ropes.

Goats are also used extensively in testing pen openings. Because they are curious and have a great reputation for escaping from enclosures, they are very efficient in this regard.

They are excellent animals in terms of climbing. Goats climb trees and mountains easily and can balance without any difficulty.

Many people have the view that goats feed on everything that comes their way, which is not true information. Goats don’t like to feed on things that have already fallen to the ground or that have already passed through their mouths.

Goats like to feed on weeds, bushes and bushes. Goats are very delicate animals for food, there are several things that can kill them easily, leaving them sick and debilitated. That’s why they avoid eating moldy foods, plants of the Solanaceae family (which are poisonous), leaves from wild fruit trees, pastures with signs of mold, chopped and fermented corn silage. The only silage snakes can feed on (and they love it) is alfalfa silage, but they need to consume immediately after opening to avoid health problems.


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