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GTA 6 cost over $2 billion to develop, says hacker

leak is not over yet, as even after the criminal hacker’s arrest, the investigation continues to yield some interesting fruits, such as a conversation that reveals the possible cost of developing the project, potentially exceeding the 2 billion mark of dollars (about R$ 10 billion in direct conversion)

pointed out by the website Eurogamer, the trend is for costs to skyrocket when we are closer to the game’s launch, since a considerable part of the budget is always spent precisely on marketing, at least with regard to the main Western AAA.

Grand Theft Auto 6 videos confirmed to be real in one of the ‘biggest leaks in video game history’

If the numbers are as real as they seem, even before that happens GTA6 VI would already be the most expensive project in video game history, beating the numbers of Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 . For comparison’s sake, Destiny 2 ‘s marketing alone cost $500 million , so let’s wait and see what the actual cost of Rockstar’s next game will be!
Leaked footage alleged to be from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game has received further verification from sources close to the developer.

Fans of the action series were left confused after approximately 90 videos were released on GTA forums recently, with clips showing gameplay for the new edition in a 3GB package.

The leaks indicated the addition of a female playable character and a setting of Vice City, but silence from developer Rockstar Games meant that it was unclear whether any of the footage could actually be trusted.

UNILAD contacted Rockstar Games earlier for comment without any response, but after news of the leaks blew up online, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier says he managed to gain some more information from a Rockstar source.

According to them, the numerous videos relating to the sixth Grand Theft Auto game are, apparently, real.

Schreier explained: “Not that there was much doubt, but I’ve confirmed with Rockstar sources that this weekend’s massive Grand Theft Auto VI leak is indeed real.”

I should stress at this point that Rockstar is still yet to comment on the leak, so there is the possibility Schreier’s source could be having us all on.

However, the reporter went on to stress that the footage is ‘early and unfinished’, meaning the final version of the game could end up looking quite different to what fans have already seen.

Schreier continued: “This is one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games.”

Twitter users are divided by the claim, with some stressing it’s all the proof they need while others are still holding out for an official comment from Rockstar.

“Well… I’m STILL going to wait until Rockstar THEMSELVES make a PUBLIC announcement about it before I go jumping to conclusions,” one dedicated fan commented.

If the source is correct, the videos do offer an insight for what developers have in mind for the game, with one video posted to YouTube showing a playable female character named Lucia, who can be seen robbing a restaurant and taking hostages while she’s at it.

Another clip shows a playable character on the ‘Vice City Metro’ train, sparking beliefs about the setting of the game, while a third involves a poolside conversation.

No matter how much the leaked videos reveal, however, fans will still have to wait some time to get their hands on the game for themselves, with reports suggesting GTA VI is still at least two years away from release.



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