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Hacking collective Anonymous declares ‘cyber war’ against Vladimir Putin’s government

The global hacking bunch, Anonymous, seems to have announced a “digital conflict” against Vladimir Putin’s administration after he sent off an attack of Ukraine, Fox News reports.

The gathering, which has directed cyberattacks against the two state run administrations and enterprises, made the declaration on their Twitter account on Thursday,

The “Anons” all wear signature covers and their central goal is “for a superior future for mankind”.

The YourAnonNews Twitter account, which has more than 6 million adherents, made the distinct statement, saying that the hacking bunch is “presently associated with activities against the Russian Federation.”

Ukraine is asking on forums for hackers to help protect the country ‘s cyber infrastructure against the Russian army . In addition, the government of the European country wants professionals to help in espionage missions against Putin’s command.


The information was released on Friday (25) by Reuters , which said it had received the information from those involved in the disclosure scheme. The request for volunteers for the mission would have come from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, which did not confirm the information.

“Ukrainian cyber community! It’s time to get involved in our country’s cyber defense,” read one of the posts found on a hacking forum. The publication asked cybersecurity experts to submit, through Google Docs , a file listing their specialties and professional history.


Yegor Aushev, who is co-founder of a cybersecurity company in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, told the agency that he wrote the publication after a request from a high-ranking official at the Defense Ministry. Another anonymous source reported the same thing, that the security folder is looking for volunteers.

The security company’s co-founder also told Reuters that the hackers would be divided into two distinct units: defensive and offensive. The defensive group would be responsible for defending the entire infrastructure of the country, mainly essential systems such as energy and water distribution.

Meanwhile, the offensive would help the Ukrainian military spy on the Russian army. “We have an army inside our country,” Aushev said. “We need to know what they [Russians] are doing,” he added.

cyber warfare
In addition to the clashes over land, water and sea, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has also taken place digitally. Cyber ​​attacks last Wednesday (23) brought down the websites of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Security Service and the Ukrainian cabinet of ministers.

Russia was blamed for the action, despite officially denying that it was responsible for the acts. Also on Wednesday, software was discovered circulating in Ukraine among hundreds of researchers.


This Friday, the hacktivist group Anonymous declared “cyber warfare” against Russia. The collective announced the offensive with a short message on its official Twitter account.

“We need the Russian individuals to comprehend that we know it’s difficult for them to stand in opposition to their tyrant because of a paranoid fear of retaliations,” it said.

“We, as an aggregate need just harmony on the planet,” it proceeded. “We need a future for all of mankind. In this way, while individuals all over the planet crush your internet services to bits, comprehend that it’s completely aimed at the activities of the Russian government and Putin.”

RT.com, which is a Russian government-financed news source that the US State Department portrays as a significant component in “Russia’s disinformation and publicity environment,” said that it had been designated in what is accepted to be a disavowal of-administration (DDoS) assault. A DDoS assault alludes to the most common way of guaranteeing a site goes somewhere around flooding it with traffic.

RT.com’s inclusion of the attack has been supportive of Russian, showing firecrackers and festivities in the recently involved domains.

Sites for the Kremlin and State Duma lower place of parliament were likewise inaccessible for certain timeframes on Thursday, which might have been the aftereffect of DDoS assaults.

As revealed by Reuters, Defense Ministry authorities in Ukraine mentioned help from the country’s programmer underground on Thursday morning to fortify their network safety guards.

Yegor Aushev, the prime supporter of a network safety organization in Kyiv, let Reuters know that hostile volunteers will do computerized reconnaissance against Russia’s military, while cautious volunteers will help with safeguarding the nation’s framework.

Various Ukrainian government sites were hit by DDoS assaults on Thursday as Russian soldiers progressed nearer to Kyiv.

A country security official let FOX Business on Thursday know that the US government is getting ready for potential cyberattacks on the country’s monetary establishments.


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