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How do you ask a girl out when you’ve never done so before in your life?

“Asking someone out” means you ask her to go somewhere with you, like to dinner, coffee, a movie, play, whatever you want to do. It would be only the two of you.

If you see a girl you like, try to start a converstation with her first. Get to know her a little, and see if you are confortable with her. Try to establish if she is seeing anyone if you can before you ask her out if you get to talk to her. If you are able to talk to her easily, and she appears to like talking to you, then ask her if she’d like to get coffee with you, or go to dinner with you. If you are having problems getting her to talk to you, or she’ giving off a “leave me alone” vibe, or you discover that you really don’t like her that much, then don’t ask her anything, just end the conversation, and walk away.

Just about any public place is an appropriate place to meet. People meet everywhere: in class, at restaurants, bars, on public transportation, parties, etc. I would not as a rule ask out anyone you work with. Some companies have rules against dating coworkers, and if something goes wrong, it could be very awkward at work and affect your ability to do your work.

Let’s evaluate this technique:
If you have never been with a girl, then I would suggest that your first date be a very low stress environment, like maybe coffee or drinks. You won’t be expected to spend hours with them if it doesnt’ work out, and if it does, you can then probably find something else to do after you’re done with your drink or coffee.

I am an Indian-born living in US for the past 15 years.

You need to start with somebody you are not infatuated to.
Start with someone who is outgoing, talkative and doesn’t have a steady boyfriend. Figure out what she likes. Ask her – what did you do this weekend? And take the conversation from there. When you find some event she might be interested in, ask her – such and such event is happening, would you like to go with me this Saturday. The answer would be either yes, no or maybe some other day. If its may, you can ask her again later. If “yes”, success. If “no”, try again with another girl. Also, in spite of no, keep your normal professional relationship with her. Now, she knows, you like her. She may ask you out someday.

Few things: maintain proper hygiene, use cologne, get teeth cleaned up by a dentist, avoid garlic, raw onion or brush very well after every meal. Make sure that your clothes and apartment don’t not smell of curry. (This is usually the case with FOB Indians)

During the “date”, be a gentleman, open the car door, give her a hand to get out of car, listen to her intently. At the end of the date, give her a light hug.

I agree with all the coments here, and just would like to add a thing: try to be casual, you know? Don’t make it seems like a big event: ask her to do something like a coffee, or maybe go to the movies, but do it in nice way, so she doesn’t get intimidated.

I believe you should tell her that you heard that opened a new coffee shop/restaurant/whatever close to college/work/your home. And ask if she wants to know it with you.

Then, very important: stablish a date: when its going to happen, where, the time. Be clear about it, so she doesn’t have any doubts. And, in case she doesn’t want to go – it can happen, be prepared -, she can find an excuse.



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