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How I Spent My Valentine’s Day

It proves that you don’t need a relationship to be happy on Valentine’s Day.

Another year, another Valentine’s Day.


it is now not that I don’t just like the excursion- I like seeing sappy posts approximately people’s vast others because I like seeing human beings so happy and in love. however whilst you’re a newly unmarried college freshman hours faraway from home, going to school and being far faraway from any of your place of origin friends and outstanding family, Valentine’s Day is dreadful.

however with the passing weeks, my bonds with my college friends have grow to be an increasing number of stronger. My college friends are speedy turning into my pleasant pals, and inside the short time we’ve got been bonding it seems as even though we were buddies all our lives.


We funny story, we giggle, we poke fun at each other being sure to emphasize our forte of sarcasm, and all-the-at the same time as we assist each different in the whole lot we do and everything we aspire to be. we’re all analyzing to be simple faculty instructors, which best allows to strengthen our bond – we can be there to help convey each different through not most effective our college experience, however our careers; and that is something that we can be for all time thankful.

besides, because the weeks have passed and months people playing almost every class together, we decided to designate every Tuesday a lady’s night time (we usually go to the films, despite the fact that we will stray from the movie topic if such an excellent occurs where the films in theaters are uninteresting to us, in which we are able to in all likelihood substitute for bowling, as will be the case this Tuesday). We commenced this as an resource to the relief of day by day pressure we were receiving,


the idea of going out with the women to get our minds of factors and simply have a laugh became attractive; and pretty fast Tuesdays have become our favorite days. We get out of class at 6, all pile into one automobile with our overwhelmingly large backpacks in tow, switch on some jams from the early 2000s, and head to our first vacation spot of dinner; and then we make the short drive to the theater, wherein we choose a film (horror has been a pinnacle choice inside the passing weeks) and watch with bemusement; having the first-rate times and making the nice reminiscences.


however with final Tuesday being Valentine’s Day, we knew a exchange of plans have been in order. one of the girls has a protracted-time boyfriend, so a romantic date night time changed into inevitable between the 2, the opposite has a complex situation that would’ve positioned her on a date as well, so I expected to spend it on my own in my room; more than possibly analyzing a novel.

no longer that i was complaining, i was past happy for them (and that i still am), plus, i like to study. however because the day approached, my pal’s had been sure to consist of me of their plans; they desired me to be a part of the day and help me have a extraordinary holiday, specially after going via a tiring wreck-up and a good more tiring previous few weeks. So Cassie and that i determined to dress exceptional and consume someplace fancier than maximum female’s Nights, so we went to our at the same time favorite vicinity, one that is our visit for fancy meals and celebrations – a steakhouse.

Catherine went to dinner with her boyfriend, providing them with a pleasing meal and a risk to revel in the holiday without her buddies.
We met up on the film theater that night time, being sure to shop seats for each other and land the pleasant seats within the house. We watched the movie in in general silence, giggling among ourselves from time to time and me making remarks comparing the film on display to the e book (yes, that night time i was that person, lol). once it became over, we made Catherine’s boyfriend take our weekly female’s night picture; after which he had the intense idea of going to Starbucks. Given, it turned into nearly 11 pm and a Tuesday, we determined to go besides. Why no longer, right?

We treated ourselves to some caffeinated beverages, and hung out for every other 1/2 hour earlier than we decided to move our separate methods so as to overcome the following morning/day simply. It was upon my arrival back in my dorm, as i was laying in my bed sipping the ultimate of what changed into left of my Frappuccino, that I took time to reflect at the day. I had just had one of the excellent nights of my life. I hadn’t laughed so difficult in months. I hadn’t furnished myself the simple luxurious of even coffee while i’ve been here this semester, and it reminded me to treat myself each from time to time.

even though my Valentine’s Day wasn’t spent wrapped in pink roses and showered with steeply-priced gifts and overvalued meals, it become complete of chocolate, presents (like teddy bears and teaching stamps), and love – which is all each person may want to ever actually ask for, and it proves that you don’t want a relationship to be glad on Valentine’s Day.
thanks to everybody who made my day special to me.


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