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How to be prepared to not mess perfect date

1) Plan Ahead…

“What do you want to do?” “Well, what do you want to do?” If there’s one question women hate hearing, it’s “what do you want to do?” Women expect you to make the plans, at least on your first few dates. They find it attractive, after all, when you take the reins and lead. So, do it. Plan and prepare everything — including a backup plan if you have to. Know exactly where you’re going to meet, what places you’re going to take her, and what you’re going to do each step of the way.

2) …But Appear Spontaneous

On dates, have a plan, but make it feel spontaneous. Your dates shouldn’t appear micromanaged. “First we’re going to go here, and then over there, and then she’s going to order the sashimi platter.” If it seems like you put too much planning and effort into the date, she might get the impression that you’re thinking about this stuff way too much, or that you’re trying to win her approval. Neither of which is good. Instead, pick out three or four places that’d be fun to visit during the date, and just go from one to the other “spontaneously.”

3) Be Original

Most men all do the same thing when it comes to dating. They take their dates to dinner. Or the movies. Or out for coffee. Eventually it starts to get boring for women. What’s more, most of these men get the same thing at the end of the night, whether it’s a polite kiss on the cheek or “let’s just be friends.” Taking a woman on the same type of date, then, only reminds her of boring dates past. If you want to stand out, be original.

4) Visit Multiple Places

Remember that memory is not linear. The more places you visit on any given date, the more memories she’ll have of spending time with you. Instead of feeling like you’ve known each other for only one date, she’ll start feeling like she’s known you for three. And given that many girls have arbitrary rules about how many dates they must go on before sleeping

5) Add Entertainment…

Wherever you decide to take her should be rich in external stimulation. A good environment, after all, will help fuel your conversation, keeping your date fresh, exciting, and fun. This is another reason why dinner, drinks, and coffee can be so damn boring for women — there’s nothing to talk about.

6) …Interaction

Make sure to temper your entertainment rich dates with a healthy dose of interaction. Taken too far, an entertaining date might become a movie or a concert. The only problem is, a movie or a concert doesn’t allow you to interact and learn about each other. It’s much better to go on dates that allow you to share experiences (which is very different than just enjoying a common experience independently). Think gallery openings, wine tasting, and shopping instead of movies and shows.



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