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How to Win the lady

There is no manual for female conquest that works for all women. The way you conquer a woman will depend a lot on who you are, who she is and how you relate to each other.

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It’s no use for me to turn to you and say: know the 3 words that drive them crazy. If at the end of the day, you won’t be able to fully capture her interest.

That’s why we’ve separated 5 practical tips for you to improve your way of conquering a woman.

Pay attention, but don’t overdo it
how to win a woman

A good way to conquer a woman is to pay attention to her. You can send a good morning message. Another option is to text her at night asking how her day was. Show that you are available for a conversation, without pressing for answers and so on.

When mine brings up the subject, respond with interest. There’s no way to enter the female mind without giving the slightest idea what she’s talking about. Then ask questions that help her feel free to continue the conversation. Be attentive to what she says.

Show interest in the things she likes
how to win a woman

After paying attention, you will know more about it. That way, you can identify what interests she has. From there, you can find the similarities in her tastes and you can show interests and know how to bring up the conversation.

For example, if the girl is into soccer, you can talk about the Champions round with her and all. The suggestion is to avoid badmouthing her team too much. If the girl likes football, she’s quite likely to get annoyed.

But the ideal is not to lie. Don’t pretend to like something just to get the girl. It’s not worth lying. In this case, the suggestion is that you say that you don’t know, or have never been curious, but want to know more.

For example, if the girl likes Harry Potter and you’ve never seen the movies or read the books, you can tell her that and show interest in getting to know her. There is already an invitation to watch the movies at your house, or a loan of the books, for you to have even more subject.

Praise sincerely and beyond the body
how to win a woman

A lot is said about discovering the secrets of the female mind, but the secret is definitely not calling the girl hot. There is the right time for everything. Know how to praise the mine beyond the body.

You already know her, praise her attitudes, her thoughts. Compliment her work, the way you relate.

Sometimes you’re with the girl and she makes you laugh too much. It helps your day to get lighter. Tell her that. Say she makes you laugh, forget about problems. That spending time with her is really nice. Finally, praise beyond physical beauty.

Don’t be emotional, but make your intentions clear
how to win a woman

Arriving on the first date and saying “I love you” is definitely not the best way to get a woman. Being too emotional can make the girl scared, even before they know you well enough to be interested.

Therefore, the ideal is to make your expectations clear, but not scare the girl. Arrive “Hi, how are you? I want to kiss you”, it can even work out in ballads, but to conquer, the path is another.

Be careful not to look emotional, but don’t waste too much time either. Here are some tips to know when to invest and when to give up mine.

have a good conversation
how to win a woman
Having a good conversation doesn’t mean being talkative, or knowing how to lie to win over the girl. Having a good conversation on the day of the date can be the point that will define whether you will see each other again or not.

What’s the point of spending hours chatting on WhatsApp if you can’t keep a conversation going? There’s no way to relate without talking. So, now that you know the mine, bring up things that will pay off. Don’t keep asking questions whose answers are “yes” or “no”. Ask questions that generate curiosity, desire to talk.

Bonus: Understand that she might not be interested in you
Learn to deal with rejection

Yes, she might not be interested. Now, you need to first learn to deal with rejection.

It doesn’t matter how many ways to conquer a woman you use, if she’s not into it, it won’t happen. And you shouldn’t become that guy who keeps thinking of ways to win over someone who doesn’t want you.

If the girl is not in the mood, the attitude you should take is to respect her will. You already know mine, you already get along well, you can choose to keep the friendship. Keep the friendship, but understanding that it is not



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