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Johnny Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez accuses Amber Heard of ‘staging’ picture of cocaine on table

‘When you snort cocaine typically, it goes into your nose. It doesn’t stay on table,’ Heard tells Depp’s attorney

Amber Heard was blamed for organizing a photo of her morning meal table on which Johnny Depp purportedly grunted cocaine, while being interrogated by his attorney on Monday (16 May).

Mr Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez proposed during interrogation that the photograph was inauthentic – refering to a solitary, unsmoked hand-moved cigarette in the ashtray, four perfect lines of cocaine with no buildup “when your lips and nose contact the table”, and a “pretty slick table”.

What followed was a strange this way and that about the operations of consuming cocaine.

Ms Heard closed her immediate declaration on Monday, after procedures in the $50m maligning preliminary continued following seven days extended rest.

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Mr Depp has sued Ms Heard for supposed criticism over an opinion piece she wrote in 2018 for The Washington Post. She doesn’t name him in the piece, however portrays herself as “an individual of note addressing homegrown maltreatment”. The entertainer has requested $50m in harms.

During interrogation, Ms Vasquez showed the jury the photo, recorded as litigant’s display 167A and as of now conceded into proof.

“Coordinating your consideration, Ms Heard, to the photo,” Ms Vasquez said, affirming that Ms Heard snapped the picture at her condo in March of 2013.

“What’s more, it’s your declaration that Mr Depp left this morning meal table simply the manner in which you took [the photograph]?” Depp’s direction asked the Aquaman 2 entertainer.

When Ms Heard answered in the agreed, Ms Vasquez inquired: “So this is what the table resembled after Mr Depp had been doing cocaine?”

“Indeed, obviously, he presently can’t seem to grunt these lines,” Ms Heard answered, before Ms Vasquez found out if “there are four lines of cocaine on this table”.

Ms Heard said: “In this image, I see four lines.”

Whenever Ms Vasquez called attention to that “there isnt any cocaine buildup around those lines” and that it didn’t “truly appear as though anybody’s been doing cocaine off that table”, Ms Heard said: “With all due regard, I don’t know you know how that functions.”

“I’m inquiring as to whether you do,” the legal advisor answered, adding: “You’ve affirmed you’ve done cocaine.”

“I have,” Ms Heard affirmed, before Ms Vasquez rehashed her inquiry.

“Doesn’t actually seem to be Mr Depp or anybody was doing cocaine off that table, does it?” she said.

“I don’t think so with you on that,” Ms Heard stated, adding, “When you grunt cocaine ordinarily, it goes into your nose. It doesn’t remain on the table.”

At the point when the absence of buildup around the lines of cocaine was featured, Ms Heard recommended Mr Depp had utilized a tampon appplicator that “I accept my sister had trained him to use to place the cocaine in your nose”.

Johnny Depp’s attorney interviewed Amber Heard on day 16 of the maligning trial

Johnny Depp’s legal counselor questioned Amber Heard on day 16 of the slander preliminary

(YouTube/Law&Crime Network)
Ms Vasquez then, at that point, changed to the subject of the ashtray, asking Ms Heard: “Mr Depp is a weighty smoker, right?”

“He is,” Ms Heard said, likewise affirming that the main cigarette in the ashtray was one of Mr Depp’s “hand-rolleds”.

“The one that is not smoked,” Ms Vasquez squeezed, adding that “there’s no debris in the ashtray by the same token” and that it looks “lovely spotless”.

“It’s a really flawless table, wouldn’t you concur?” Ms Vasquez proceeded with her line of addressing, as Ms Heard recommended that “relies upon what you would call slick”.

When Ms Heard affirmed that she had sent the photo of the morning meal table to her companion, Los Angeles-based yoga teacher Rocky Pennington, Ms Vasquez inquired: “So you have a propensity for sending organized photographs to your companion Rocky, don’t you?”

“I had a propensity for speaking with my closest companion about what was happening in my life,” Ms Heard answered.

Ms Vasquez then, at that point, enquired whether Ms Heard had any photos of Mr Depp “really consuming cocaine”, “holding cocaine, remaining close to cocaine… sitting close to cocaine.”

“I don’t have the foggiest idea, I don’t have the foggiest idea,” Ms Heard answered, when Ms Vasquez counter-scrutinized her: “Well you haven’t shown any of those photos like that to the jury, have you?”

“No, I haven’t,” the entertainer affirmed.

Ms Heard has countersued Mr Depp, blaming him for purportedly organizing a “slanderous attack” against her and depicting his own claim as a continuation of “misuse and provocation”. She has requested $100m in harms and insusceptibility against his cases.

Johnny Depp testified before during Amber Heard trial he did drugs with Marilyn Manson, Paul Bettany

Johnny Depp was barbecued during questioning on Thursday about his medication and liquor use while he was involved with Amber Heard. The entertainer’s guard group read so anyone might hear many instant messages from Depp, including some to his renowned companions like Marilyn Manson, Paul Bettany and Elton John, in which he discussed his substance issues. In a considerable lot of those instant messages, Depp called Heard unequivocal names like “revolting c***,” “useless prostitute” and “disgusting prostitute.”

“Whenever I compose something, when I compose a text, particularly in the event that I’m in an especially enthusiastic spot it’s a material, it’s a painting,” Depp said at a certain point. During his declaration recently, the entertainer prudently apologized to the jury for his “potentially offensive humor,” realizing these messages would be a staying point for the safeguard.

Ben Rottenborn, one of Heard’s attorneys, started the day by barbecuing Depp about taking medications with Bettany. Depp confessed to utilizing cocaine and drinking liquor with the WandaVision star. Rottenborn read instant messages from Depp to Bettany.

Johnny Depp faces interrogation by Amber Heard's lawful group in his maligning preliminary in Fairfax, Virginia on April 21, 2022. (Photographs: Getty Images)
Johnny Depp faces interrogation by Amber Heard’s lawful group in his slander preliminary in Fairfax, Virginia on April 21, 2022. (Photographs: Getty Images)
“I’ll smack the appalling c*** around before I let her in, you can definitely relax… Did that useless prostitute arrive???” Depp composed, alluding to his ex.

“Lets consume Amber!!!” Depp said in one more message to Bettany. “How about we suffocate her before we consume her!!! I will f*** her consumed carcass a short time later to ensure she is dead…”

Rottenborn got some information about taking medications with Manson, who is in his very own difficult situation in the midst of rape charges.

“We drank together, we’ve had cocaine together, perhaps two or multiple times,” Depp answered.

At the point when Rottenborn inquired as to whether the two took pills together, Depp answered, “I once gave Marilyn Manson a pill so he would quit talking so a lot.” The court howled uncontrollably. The entertainer had individuals giggling again when he was found out if he savored bourbon the morning, as inferred by a photograph taken in March 2013.

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“Isn’t party time any time?” Depp commented.

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Depp was asked about for what good reason he and Vanessa Paradis separated following 14 years and two children together. In one message read to the court, the entertainer alluded to his ex as a “French blackmailer” and “c***.” He denied his reliance on liquor added to their split.

In one message to Elton John, it seemed Depp expressed gratitude toward the vocalist for helping with his moderation.

“I would’ve been gobbled up by the beast if not for you,” Depp composed. The entertainer denied it was the “beast” Heard frequently alludes to.

The jury saw photographs and heard numerous accounts taken of Depp when he was purportedly inebriated.

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Heard is worried during one of the sound accounts played to the jury, telling Depp, “I figured you would gag in your own regurgitation” and remarking how he generally hurls.

In another recording, Depp is heard noisily groaning. The entertainer’s group contends it was the point at which he was passed out; but the entertainer is ardent in that he was just subject to narcotic torment pills, which he at last detoxed from.

Rottenborn examined Depp concerning the 2014 Boston plane episode. Heard has guaranteed this is one of the multiple times she was mishandled while Depp says no actual fight occurred. Nonetheless, it’s the primary anybody has heard Depp concede he and the Aquaman star quarreled over James Franco. (Heard and Franco featured in The Adderall Diaries together.)

Depp was inquired as to whether the night prior to the flight, he and Heard had a “warmed conversation” about scenes she was shooting with Franco. Whenever Rottenborn inquired as to whether they quarreled over whether Depp thought Heard was having an unsanctioned romance with the entertainer, Depp answered, “Yes.” However, Depp rejected that he was “in a power outage” on the flight, which the entertainer implied during a later text to Bettany.

“I will appropriately stop the alcohol thing dear. Drank the entire night before I got Amber to travel to LA. Terrible mate. No nourishment for quite a long time. Powders, a portion of a container bourbon, thousand red bulls, pills, two jugs of champagne… . I’m in fact too f***ed in the head to splash my fury at the one I love for little explanation too, I’m too old to ever be that person yet pills are fine,” Depp kept in touch with Bettany. He likewise considered himself an “irate agro motor in a power outage.”


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