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Johnny Depp Says He Will Never Return to the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise – Even if Disney begs

During the defamation trial against Amber Heard , actor Johnny Depp accused Heard of ruining his career by publishing a text about their relationship.

“I would be a genuine bonehead to not feel that there was an impact on my vocation in view of Ms. Heard’s words, regardless of whether they referenced my name,” Depp said, adding that he accepts his profession was “done” from “the second the claims were made against me.”

“When that occurred, I lost then,” the entertainer proceeded. “Regardless of the result of this preliminary, I’ll convey that until the end of my days… I’m suing her over maligning and the different falsities that she used to finish my life.”

Johhny Depp. Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Questioned by his own lawyer, Depp admitted that Disney removed him from Pirates of the Caribbean 6 days after the aforementioned text was published. He was also asked about a Daily Mail article, which said that Depp was “out of the Jack Sparrow role”.

“I wasn’t aware of it, but it doesn’t surprise me,” he said (via Variety ). “Two years of conversations about me being a wife abuser went by. So I’m sure Disney wanted to cut ties for their own safety. The #MeToo movement was at its height at that point.”

A new Pirates of the Caribbean, starring Margot Robbie, has entered development.

It remains to be seen whether Depp would have acted alongside her in the next film, or if this is the reimagined version of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 following Depp’s departure.

Depp’s lawsuit alleges that his career was irreparably damaged when Heard signed an article in the Washington Post that appeared to be about him, without naming him. He claims the article is responsible for his career problems and not the accusations made earlier in 2016.

“I would be stupid to think that there was no impact on my career from Miss Heard’s words, whether or not she mentioned my name,” he said.

He also said that his career was “over from the moment the allegations were made”.

“As soon as it happened, I lost,” he elaborated. “Regardless of the outcome of this trial, I will carry this for the rest of my days… I am suing her for libel and various lies she used to bring my life to an end.”

However, Depp also confirmed that Disney continued to sell Jack Sparrow merchandise.

“They didn’t remove my character from the attractions [at the parks],” he said. “They didn’t stop selling Captain Jack Sparrow dolls. They didn’t stop selling anything. They just didn’t want to find something that was tied to me.”

Entertainer Johnny Depp has expressed in court that there isn’t anything that Disney could offer him that would persuade him to get back to the famous job of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean establishment. The confirmation from Depp came during interrogation in the criticism preliminary against his ex Amber Heard (through Variety), who Depp is at present during the time spent suing for $50 million.

“The truth of the matter is, Mr. Depp, assuming Disney came to you with $300 million and 1,000,000 alpacas, nothing on this planet could inspire you to return and work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean film? Right?” Amber Heard’s lawyer Ben Rottenborn asked Depp during the procedures.

“That is valid, Mr. Rottenborn,” Depp answered.

Depp is suing his ex Amber Heard for slander following her 2018 Washington Post opinion piece in which she itemized the supposed maltreatment she endured. While she never specifies Depp by name, the entertainer accepts that the article has extraordinarily harmed his profession, costing him the job of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Depp made sense of in his declaration that, in spite of Disney keeping the picture of Jack Sparrow in all roads of the establishment, he personally was cut off. “They didn’t eliminate my personality from the rides,” he said. “They didn’t quit selling dolls of Captain Jack Sparrow. They didn’t quit selling anything. They simply didn’t believe there should be something limping along me that they’d find.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been secured in fights in court for quite a while, and the present circumstance isn’t supposed to be settled any time soon. The case proceeds.

How is Disney Planning to Manage the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise?
privateers of-the-caribbeanWalt Disney Pictures/Jerry Bruckheimer Films
The last crowds saw of the colossally effective Pirates of the Caribbean establishment was back in 2017’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which obviously includes Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. At that point, the arrangement was to rapidly shoot a 6th portion, with the goal to wrap up the series and the excursion of Jack Sparrow which started such an extremely long time back in 2003.

As of now, it is generally obscure how Disney intends to manage Pirates of the Caribbean. Earlier reports have asserted that two separate films are right now being developed. The first is apparently being composed by Christina Hodson and has tapped The Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie to lead the trip, which will go about as a side project slice reboot, with the second being composed by the couple of Ted Elliot and Craig Mazin, as most would consider to be normal to be a more straightforward continuation.


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