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Johnny Depp to testify as lawyers claim Amber Heard is a “compulsive liar” “made up” her allegations to boost her profile in Hollywood

The lawful group addressing Johnny Depp in the criticism argument against his ex Amber Heard has offered their initial expressions, with Mr Depp’s lawyers painting Ms Heard as an impulsive and ongoing liar who utilized the claims she made against the entertainer as a way to propel her own profession.

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They asserted she needed to depict herself as a courageous overcomer of misuse.

The lawyers additionally noted Mr Depp’s medication and liquor use, yet contended that a substance misuse issue doesn’t demonstrate that he at any point hurt Ms Heard.

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Mr Depp is planned to affirm during the preliminary.

Johnny Depp’s sister says Amber Heard called him ‘old and fat’ and his family was ‘crushed’ with the marriage
Johnny Depp’s sister says Amber Heard called him ‘old and fat’ and his family was ‘crushed’ with the marriage
Ms Heard’s lawyers guaranteed that Mr Depp physically attacked his ex, a case that has never been made openly.

Camille Vasquez, Mr Depp’s lawyer, said the claims were misleading and that Ms Heard made them as a method for reinforcing her protection.

“Ms Heard had never made that allegation against Mr Depp – it was never essential for her charges of maltreatment in 2016. Anyway, what changed? Whenever she understood the earnestness of what she claimed [about being the survivor of homegrown abuse], she terrified and affirmed rape,” Ms Vasquez told the jury. “In Mr Depp’s 58 years, not a solitary lady has at any point blamed him for brutality, and no one in Hollywood or the world had any motivation to accept he was a victimizer – until Ms Heard freely denounced him.”

Mr Depp’s lawyers will probably keep on going after Ms Heard’s believability, depending to some extent on claims she made in another preliminary that she gave the $7m from her separation settlement to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the ACLU.

Records summoned by Mr Depp’s lawful group uncovered that she never gave $3.5m to the youngsters’ clinic. The ACLU later conceded that she likewise had not given $3.5m to the lawful promotion association.


Actor Johnny Depp attends a court session in the Depp vs Amber Heard defamation case at Fairfax County Circuit Court, Virginia, U.S., April 12, 2022. Brendan Smialowski/Pool via REUTERS

Mr Depp’s lawful group will endeavor to persuade the jury that Ms Heard’s claims discolored his profession and cost him potential film jobs. Her protection contended that Mr Depp’s supposed maltreatment of medications and liquor caused his tumble from A-lister status.
An attorney for Amber Heard contended that her ex, Johnny Depp, is attempting to “ruin her life” and “obliterate her,” in opening proclamations at the “Privateers of the Caribbean” star’s slander preliminary on Tuesday.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, asserting that an opinion piece she wrote in 2018 intimated that he was a homegrown victimizer and harmed his vocation, making him lose film jobs. Heard answered by countersuing Depp, asserting that he truly attacked her on 10 occurrences previously and during their marriage.

In opening articulations on Tuesday, Heard’s legal counselor, J. Benjamin Rottenborn, let the jury know that Depp is “going to attempt to transform this case into a drama” about his turbulent relationship with Heard. Yet, that the center of the claim is whether Heard was practicing her First Amendment right to Free Speech recorded as a hard copy her abusive behavior at home commentary, which doesn’t specify Depp by name.

“The response is obviously yes,” Rottenborn said.

golden heard johnny depp preliminary
Entertainer Amber Heard sits in the court during the Johnny Depp versus Heard slander case at Fairfax County Circuit Court, Virginia, U.S., April 12, 2022. Brendan Smialowski/Pool by means of REUTERS
At a certain point Rottenborn read out the full opinion piece, and contended that obviously the article wasn’t intended to work up charges against Depp, yet talk about an issue affecting forthcoming regulation.

Had she expected to portray her relationship with Depp “accept me, the article would have looked extremely, changed,” Rottenborn said.

“She could fill a book with those subtleties … She would have enlightened you concerning the beast, yet she didn’t. That wasn’t the mark of this article,” Rottenborn said.

Rottenborn said he doesn’t know why Depp has brought the claim on the grounds that the proof that will be displayed at preliminary “isn’t exceptionally lovely.”

“Since Johnny Depp brought this case, all of that will come out. Simply realize Amber Heard didn’t have any desire to uncover for the public who the genuine Johnny Depp is … You’ll see the genuine Johnny Depp, behind the privateer outfit,” he said.

Acquiring the case Virginia, where neither Depp nor Heard live, is only one way that Depp is attempting to hurt Heard, Rottenborn said.
He asserts that he lost a Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off and a Fantastic Beasts spin-off because of the charges. Notwithstanding, Ms Heard’s attorneys guaranteed that Mr Depp said openly he could never make another Pirates film, and that Disney not set in stone to continue on with the establishment without him.

Heard attorneys focus in on Depp’s medication and liquor use
Ms Heard never named Mr Depp in her commentary at the focal point of the maligning case, yet there is little uncertainty she was alluding to her ex in the piece. In any case, her legal counselors have contended that since Mr Depp was never named, his claims of slander are without merit.

Mr Depp has previously lost one slander case coming from the allegations. In 2020, he sued The Sun for alluding to him as a “tank top”. The appointed authority all things considered eventually decided for the paper regardless of various ladies coming affirming after swearing to tell the truth to help Mr Depp’s cases.



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