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Meet some of the most successful muses in the Games

Traditionally women have a discreet participation in the world of video games. But that is changing. Every day, they advance in this world and assume protagonists or important characters within the narratives.

Girls range from shy warriors to the most brutal and bloodthirsty. Among fighting, RPG, action and shooting games, women are present in almost all aspects and games around the world.

But, who were the 10 greatest gaming goddesses in the year 2010? We did our research taking into account levels of sensuality, charisma, and brutality. Let’s get to the results!

Athena (God of War)
Nothing like starting this top with a “real” goddess. Athena not only represents civilization, wisdom, strength and justice in Greek mythology, but she is Kratos’ greatest ally during the “God of War” series. She offers our protagonist protection and serves as a guide during the adventure. She is presented as an extremely wise and powerful woman. Since Kratos lost his family to a betrayal by the god Ares, Athena, in addition to being one of the most remarkable beauties of the series, has served as a refuge for our anti-hero.

Bonnie MacFarlane

Who plays this role for John Marston is Bonnie MacFarlane. With her redneck accent, the girl shows that she knows how to handle herself in any extreme situation. She is not only good at lassoing animals, but men as well. The protagonist of the series just doesn’t make out with the girl because she’s a straight guy and family. But who knows, in a traveled and parallel story our hero wouldn’t stay at Bonnie’s ranch, just enjoying life and the girl? At least it’s better than blowing the brains out of zombies.

Shapely and the long black hair that acts as a robe give any player the need for a bib to play with. The woman, to spice things up a bit, uses her clothes to attack, leaving her more and more naked during the currents of blows and combos on enemies. Other than that, there are several moments when her attacks combine with sensual dance styles and even striptease.

The girl is a kind of informant for Jacob Taylor, the protagonist of “Mass Effect 2”. Being extremely professional, intelligent and sensible, the woman captivates anyone with ease. Maybe that’s even why she has a vast list of contacts in the world of “Mass Effect”. As a special touch, she is voiced by a beautiful Polish descendant, Yvonne Strahovski, who appeared in the series “Chuck”.

Lara Croft (Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light)
In a list like this, it is clear that the muse of games could not be left out. Lara Croft, the massively contoured explorer and archaeologist, continues to win more and more games. Despite having the “old” style in “The Guardian of Light”, the studio Crystal Dymaics has already announced a new title for the heroine for next year, which should completely reshape her universe. Apparently, we’ll see a more “Uncharted”-style Lara Croft going forward. One way or another, she is still wonderful.

Samus Aran (Metroid: Other M)
One of the first heroines of the gaming world. It first hit the screens in 1986 on the NES. But it took a long time to become a muse. To give you an idea, no one knew it was a woman until the first “Metroid” title was finished, as she leaves her special armor at the end of the game. Samus gained a reputation as a womanizer even in “Super Smash Bros. Brawl”, for Nintendo Wii, which showed the blonde’s curves in a more detailed way for the first time.

release of “Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom” this year in the West. You don’t even need to comment on who we’re talking about, right? The strong Chinese first appeared in games in 1991 and since then has sent players into a frenzy with her deadly and sensual blows. Striking a middle ground between brave and buff girl, Chun-Li has always shown herself to be a unique character. And woe betide anyone who says otherwise, eh?

“Heavy Rain”. She is a journalist who suffers from insomnia and lives alone. However, throughout history, she is increasingly showing herself to be a very capable woman, as well as beautiful and *sexy. Ah, best of all is that your own decisions within the game change the course of the girl’s actions. That is, you have the opportunity to shape a little bit of her personality, the way you like.

Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

A kind of female Cloud Strife. Of course, she is much more fragile than our hero from “Final Fantasy VII”, however, even so, she comes across as extremely strong, independent and determined. Lightining is not a very “feminine” girl, but her beautiful lilac hair and delicate appearance make any grown man fall in love.
But beware: the girl uses a Blaze Edge, a sword similar to Squall’s Gunblade, in “Final Fantasy VIII”. Couple that with her agile and acrobatic skills, she doesn’t have much cuteness left over for her.


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