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Most top Celebrity Wife’s

So we all dream of being rich and famous. Today we check out the benefits of being famous and the hot wifes you get to have.

It’s not a secret that most pairs in Hollywood are usually quite stunning. Tens often pair with tens, so it makes sense — and in the world of the rich and famous, it’s not hard to find somebody who’s

It’s not a secret that most pairs in Hollywood are usually quite stunning. Tens often pair with tens, so it makes sense — and in the world of the rich and famous, it’s not hard to find somebody who’s been graced with natural or enhanced beauty. Despite this though, it seems that all of Hollywood has dated each other at one point or another, so finding someone and keeping them seems to prove pretty difficult for the stars.

However, there are several celebrities who have managed to get lucky and have found natural beauty with people outside of Hollywood. If you’re one of the many that is secretly hoping you’ll somehow stumble upon a celebrity and fall in love, storybook style, it seems that the way to do that is always camp out at restaurants, bars, or weddings.

When you think of a male celebrity who has the most attractive wife, most people automatically think Tom Brady, who’s married to Gisele Bundchen, or Brad Pitt, who’s married to Angelina Jolie. This list goes on and on. Believe it or not, there are tons of male celebrities out there with gorgeous wives that most people don’t even know about. The same can be said for female celebrities as well. There are tons of powerhouse female celebs who dominate the front of magazines and the big screens year after year, but are married to regular, everyday people. But this article only focuses on men’s wives.

For many celebrities, being married to someone that’s not as famous as them may provide for an easier way of life. Their spouse can probably go out in public without being berated for pictures and autographs. Whereas power couples who are both known for being on the big screen surely can’t do much without hiding. Regardless of the fact that these celebrity wives aren’t terribly famous, that doesn’t change one thing: they are drop dead gorgeous. Even though they might not have a tight schedule packed with shoots and movie premiers, they still deserve some recognition.

Even though being an actor or a model is pretty impressive, there are a plethora of celebrity spouses that are actually out changing the world, or at least making it a brighter place with their life’s work. And so, here are 15 of the most gorgeous ‘unknown’ wives of celebrities.

Mrs. Jonas, Danielle Deleasa

Many of us remember the Jonas Brothers – in 2009, it seemed that they were going to be the ‘it’ group for years to come. Even though it didn’t happen that way, the brothers still remain relevant. Joe Jonas is now in DNCE, and Nick Jonas is a solo artist… But what about Kevin Jonas? Kevin is actually living the family life after marrying Danielle Deleasa in 2009. Deleasa and Jonas met in 2007 during a family vacation in the Bahamas, and from then the two were a couple. Before being married, Deleasa was a hairdresser in a small town in New Jersey. From August 2012 to May 2013, the two even had their own reality television show titled Married to Jonas.

Mrs. Meyers, Alexi Ashe

Most people know Seth Meyers best for being the funny and brutally honest guy on late night television. Outside of that though, not much seems to be said about him. Meyers is married to Alexi Ashe, and they even have a child together. Ashe graduated from Southwestern University and is a lawyer. Myers and Ashe met through yet another cliche story of fate: at a wedding. Her sister worked on the set of SNL, and Alexi was attending a wedding with her, which Meyers also attended. According to, Meyers claims that it was “love at first sight.” Before their wedding in 2013, Meyers and Ashe almost didn’t get married, because during their rehearsal dinner, Ashe was rushed to the emergency room with food poisoning. However, it ended up working out in the end, and the two are still married today.

Mrs. Damon, Luciana Barroso

Although the story is incredibly cliche, the way that Matt Damon met his wife might just be the key to a successful relationship. Damon was in Miami shooting a movie, and one night, his colleagues dragged him out to go drinking, despite his pleas not to. Once Damon got to their bar of choice, he spotted Luciana Barroso who was working there as a bartender. In 2011 on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Damon said, “Eight years and four kids later, that’s my life. I don’t know how else our paths would’ve crossed if that [night at the bar] didn’t happen.” Barroso was married before meeting Damon, and has a daughter from that marriage.

Mrs. Genevieve Padalecki

While the last name may slightly ring a bell, most people aren’t going to know right off the bat who Genevieve Padalecki is. If anybody does recognize her, it would be from the ABC show Wildfire, where she held a role for three years. Genevieve is married to Jared Padalecki, one of the stars of the hit series Supernatural. The pair actually met on the set of Supernatural, where Genevieve had a recurring role during the fourth season of the show. They were officially married in February of 2010. Even though Genevieve isn’t considered as famous as her husband, she’s had her fair share of the spotlight. She’s been in regional theatrical productions of A Midsummer Night’s DreamOne Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, and Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She graduated from Tisch School of the Arts within New York University.

Mrs. Stern, Beth Ostrosky

When you take a look at 61-year-old Howard Stern, it’s hard to imagine that his wife is nearly twenty years younger than him and a complete bombshell. Beth Ostrosky is an actress, model, author and animal rights activist. Ostrosky and Stern married in 2008 and are still hitting the headlines of articles about romantic relationships. Ostrosky isn’t exactly unknown, but in comparison to her husband, she’s less of a big deal. Throughout the years, she’s also been on numerous World’s Sexiest Women lists. Outside of her Hollywood life, Ostrosky is known for being an all around great human being. She is the spokesperson for North Shore Animal League, which is a no-kill animal shelter. Additionally, after 9/11, she was a Ground Zero volunteer.

Mrs. Alice Kim Cage

As most may have guessed from the last name, Alice Kim Cage is married to Nicolas Cage. However, according to, the pair has been separated (not divorced) since January 2016. Kim is twenty years younger than Cage and the two have a ten-year-old son together. The pair met in February of 2004 at a restaurant called Le Prive, where Kim was a waitress. In April of 2004, the couple was already engaged. After cheating allegations as well as a domestic abuse case in 2011, it looks like the couple may be calling it quits soon. Despite her background as a sushi waitress, Kim has appeared in a couple of movies. In 2007, she was in Next and Grindhouse. 

Mrs. Willis, Emma Heming

Emma Heming is married to American actor Bruce Willis. To most people, Heming probably isn’t someone that can be named at first glance, despite her being a supermodel. Heming has been a model for 15 years and has been married to Willis since 2009. After getting married to Willis, Heming said goodbye to her modeling career and moved onto creating her own fragrance line, among other products. The couple also has two daughters together. Heming has also tried her hand at being a producer, being responsible for the films Red 2Perfect Stranger, and even a vanity project about her husband, Bruce Willis: Why The Legend Never Dies. We’re sure Bruce is very proud.

Mrs. Samburg, Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom is an American musician who will probably never hit mainstream radio (because one of her main instruments is the harp), but that didn’t stop her from landing Andy Samberg. Samberg is known best for his comedic skits and songs with various artists, as well as his hit Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The two met when Samberg was finally introduced to Newsom by mutual friends — previous to that, he had attended a number of her shows as he already had a huge crush on her. It turns out that Newsom was also a huge fan of Samberg, and claims to “appreciate” what he does with his music. The two hit it off right away and will reach eight years of togetherness in 2016. Before becoming a musician and wife to Samberg, Newsom studied composition and creative writing at Mills College, a liberal art’s women’s college in California.

Mrs. Cross, Amber Tamblyn

Quite possibly one of the most puzzling couples to ever exist is made up of Amber Tamblyn and David Cross. Not only is Cross about twenty years older than Tamblyn, but she’s just a tad out of his league. The two met on a flight — Cross says that Tamblyn initiated their relationship because she wouldn’t stop staring at him on the flight. Eventually they rearranged seats so they could sit together, and spent the rest of the flight making fun of the SkyMall catalog together. After that, the rest was history. Before David Cross, Tamblyn had already made a name for herself through many acting gigs. She was discovered at just 10 years old after a production of Pippi Longstocking. She’s appeared in several movies and television shows, such as General Hospital. In addition to that, fame runs in her family. Her father is an actor and her mother is an artist.

Mrs. Bale, Sibi Blazic

Before marrying, Sibi Blazic was pretty much a nobody in Hollywood because she was just an assistant to actress Winona Ryder. However, this is how she ended up meeting her now-husband, Christian Bale. Bale always stated that he’d never get married because everyone in his family had been divorced, but Blazic seemingly changed his mind because they eloped in Las Vegas in 2000. The couple has been together ever since. Outside of being Winona Ryder’s assistant, Blazic has also taken up careers as a makeup artist and model. Like her husband, she’s been in several movies as well, such as Girl, Interrupted  and The Dark Knight Rises. It’s no wonder how she landed roles in those films.

Mrs. Lauren Paul

One of the world’s favorite television shows is Breaking Bad (featuring Aaron Paul). Since the end of the show, Paul hasn’t done too much, but he has helped his wife, Lauren Paul, advertise her Kind Campaign movement. Aaron Paul met Lauren Parkesian at the Coachella music festival, where they also had their first kiss on the festival’s ferris wheel. The couple makes a point of attending Coachella every year because it reminds them of where it all began. Before Lauren Paul took the Paul name, she landed a few acting gigs for herself, but nothing serious. She graduated from Pepperdine with a degree in filmmaking, but that’s not what she’s doing today at all. 2009 is when her girl-centered anti-bullying non-profit Kind Campaign came to be, and ever since then, that has been Lauren’s work alongside her best friend Molly Thompson.

Mrs. Amal Clooney

The last name Clooney, is almost a dead giveaway if you were questioning who Amal is married to — none other than the George Clooney, of course. Although it’s known that the two met in Italy, the pair managed to keep the beginning of their relationship fairly low profile. Amal Clooney is not just another piece of Hollywood arm candy, though. She is an activist and lawyer who is also a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, specializing in international law and human rights. Amal has been involved in a few extremely famous cases, the most notable being her representation of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Amal went to New York University and the University of Oxford. Going even further with education, she is known to teach at Columbia University, The New School, and the University of North Carolina. She has also created the Amal Clooney Scholarship, which sends one female a year to Armenia to study in a two year international baccalaureate program.

Mrs. Susan Downey

Another power couple that can be pinpointed just from the last name – the Downeys are made up of Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr. The Downeys are notorious for never being apart, and praised for giving their ever-rare interviews together. Susan Downey is a film producer and works very closely with her husband. The two even have their own production house named Team Downey. Downey has been in a few movies herself, but she’s mostly behind the camera. Not only does she work for Team Downey, but she also is the Executive Vice President of Production for Silver Pictures and is the Director of Development for Dark Castle Entertainment.

Mrs. Vaughn, Kyla Weber

Not only is Vince Vaughn revered for being one of the funniest guys in Hollywood, with films like Old SchoolDodgeball and Unfinished Business, he’s also known for being a player, like the one he played in Swingers. Nobody thought he’d ever settle down — that is until wife Kyla Weber came around. Weber and Vaughn were introduced during an event that happened during the shooting of Wedding Crashers, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Weber was one of Calgary’s top real estate agents, but it only took four months for her to leave her Canada life behind to be with Vaughn. Even though Weber wasn’t famous before being married to Vaughn, it wasn’t hard for her to adjust to the lifestyle. Instead of having an extravagant one-day wedding like most celebrities, Vaughn and Weber took it to the next level. Their wedding celebrations were actually a three-day event, starting off in a Chicago penthouse and then hopping from one location to the next.


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