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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Italian Women Ever

Italy is known globally as the home of beauty. A traditional wine brewing country, it is credited with the best fermented over long periods of time. This comes alongside a long list of delicacies rich in aroma and nutritional compositions.

the have in-born natural beauty that acts as the key driver on recognition on international platforms of beauty. Other than having the physical beauty, Italian women are known for their intelligence and strong desire to deliver.

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Italian Women Ever

Alongside these credits, Italy has its place as being hoe to some of the most gorgeous ladies across the globe. With most of them featuring on international platforms,

It is this aspect that drives the divas to undertake gruesome engagements that keep them on the international limelight at all times. Here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful and hottest Italian women in 2020.

10. Marina Stella
Hottest Italian women 2019
With her smiling face and well curved body, Martina Stella takes the 10th position among the most beautiful women in Italy. Born in 1985, she made her debut in cinema at a tender age of 16 years. Her career that started in 2001 has seen her grow in the industry to one of the most accredited international queens. Her success came instantly the moment her face appeared on the film ‘L’ultimmo bacio’. This was an instant success and gave her unlimited success and recognitions. Owing to her input in the film, she was nominated for the prestigious David di Donatello awards that included the award for the best film. Alongside appearance on films, she is a popular TV personality and a model.

9. Giorgia Palmas
Hottest Italian women
She hit the headlines in 2000 after taking the second position in Miss World Championships. Fromm that point to date, Georgia Palmas is a real celebrity with undisputed beauty. This was evident during her act on the famous television show ‘Striscia la notizia’ where she was highly applauded by the fans. She has over her career years featured in numerous television shows among them ‘Isola Dei Famosi’ where she was a contestant and emerged as the winner. Also a well known model, she is ambassador for different brands in her country and across the globe among them the Cotton Club Underwear. Her photo is also the main feature on the calendar of the popular Max magazine.

8. Federica Ridolfi
Hottest Italian women
In the eighth position in the list of hot Italian babes is Federica Ridolfi. The daughter of an actor Gianni Ridolfi, she was born and bred with all that deserves a real queen. To cap her quest and life in celebrity world she is engaged to a world leading soccer player Giuliano Giannichedda. Her beauty has won her a place in the television industry where she appears on numerous shows as a co-host. In her bag of achievements, Federica starred in the film ‘Quelli che… il calcio’ a live sport, comedy and music TV show that features the happening in the Italian soccer championship.

7. Melissa Satta
Hottest Italian women
A leading TV presenter, Melissa Satta holds the seventh position among the beautiful Italian women. A widely travelled personality, she spent her youth in Sardinia Island. Her beauty was first discovered at a tender age of 16 years when she hit the platform as a model. As her beauty grew with age, she is currently one of the sought after models in Milan posing for features in different magazines and productions. Alongside modelling, she has her success in both TV and film industry where she plays critical parts to entertain audience while showcasing her God-given gift of beauty. One of her biggest attributes is dating high ranking men in global perspective among them football stars.

6. Elisabetta Canalis
Hottest Italian women

An actress, a modelling queen and a showgirl, Elisabetta Canalis is the position six holder in the list. She gained her popularity by showcasing her well articulated curved on the dance stage as a member of a dancing troupe. This won her roles as a model where she has taken part in representing various international brands among them the Roberto Cavalli labels. She is an accredited Italian actor having taken a leading role in a number of the well performing productions in the country’s film industry.

5. Elena Santarelli
Hottest Italian women 2019
With the perfect body of a model, Elena Santarelli is an undisputable beauty of Italy. She carries with her the perfect height of a model. This is alongside donning long blond hair a perfect match for her beautiful face. Combining beauty and intelligence, she is among the biggest TV personalities in her country having appeared in one of Italy’s biggest reality shows the ‘Isoladeifamosi’. Owning the best attributes of a model, she has modelled for big companies among them Laura Biagiotti and Giorgio Armani. One of her biggest appearances is as a host on Italian MTV alongside other big events in the TV fraternity.

4. Cristina Chiabotto
Hottest Italian women
The winner of Miss Italia crown in 2004, Christina Chiabotto takes the fourth position among the Italy’s beauties. Her well curved body and a matching face are her main attractions that ensure she maintains a large following of fans and audience. She holds different titles to her name including being a presenter, a model and a showgirl. She appears on numerous platforms and is a darling of the fans. Currently, Cristina is working for the famous Juventus Channel as a TV presenter where fans and audience are more attracted by her looks than the content of the program.

3. Claudia Romani
Hottest Italian women
Voted as one among the 100 sexiest women in the world by FHM, Denmark in 2006, Claudia Romani is the most gorgeous woman in the list taking the 3rd position. She possesses natural beauty that is considered her biggest industry and the key to her success. This comes alongside her outgoing personality that enables to relate and merge well with her fans. As a model, she is one of the sought after to pose for great magazine among them the GQ and Maxim. Her success came with her ability to cur a niche on the Mega TV by taking part in popular Spanish shows.

2. Giusy Buscemi
Hottest Italian women
One of the youngest models to top in this list, Giusy Buscemi ranks in the second position. Born in 1993, she has risen through the ladder of beauty success within a short period of time to be among the best and famous. Her baby face like appeal is the most striking feature that she carries along. In 2012, she made her debut in modelling competitions clinching the crown as the Miss Italia in its 73rd edition. With her success and beauty, she is currently pursuing a career in film while taking with her the modelling passion.

1. Monica Bellucci
Hottest Italian women

Fans and critics refer to her as the eighth wonder of the world. Monica Bellucci is the leading woman in Italy at the mention of beauty today. She carries along not just beauty but intelligence and the expertise to showcase her beauty. She has her own history as the woman with the most attention in Italy’s beauty world. Not to mention has face that speaks for itself, she is known to possess the best stunning curves. Her beauty won her a place to model for big international cosmetic companies including Dior Cosmetics.

Known for its rich history, Italy is also gaining credit as home of beautiful queens. They represent the country on different platforms to showcase the best the country has to offer. They never shy away from the call of the nation to represent and showcase the talent and God given gift. The top 10 most beautiful Italian women are adorable at all times.


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