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‘There are abusive women’: Ex-judge declares that Johnny Depp’s victory does not mean setback

After Amber Heard pointed out that her defeat was “a setback against women”, Jeanine Pirro – a former judge who fights against domestic violence – clarified that the actress is taking advantage of a movement that she herself has fouled with her actions.

The consequences of the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are noted, not only on social media, but several relevant personalities gave their opinion, for or against, the verdict of the Virginia court that declared the winner: Depp.

After Amber’s defeat, the actress did not hesitate to release a statement on her social media, where she called the result of her long legal battle “a setback for women”. A statement that women like the former US judge do not share.

Ex-judge declares that Johnny Depp’s victory does not mean setback
Famous former judge Jeanine Pirro explained the reasons for indicating that the verdict was correct, especially given the way she lied to the jury:

As soon as she started, it became clear that she wasn’t the victim, she was the aggressor. And Johnny Depp had lawyers who could fight her. […] The recordings show how difficult it was for this man to be able to make the decision to put his whole life on the table because he had nothing left to lose. […] This woman lied several times and I feel comfortable saying it on television. […] She was malicious and that jury had to see more.

What is the relevance of Pyrrhus in the judicial scenario? Pyrrhus was the first female judge elected in Westchester County, New York, she was also elected the first district attorney in the same county. It is worth mentioning that her work has stood out mainly for combating domestic violence and other crimes against the elderly, and has been an important figure in legal issues, mainly related to violence, participating in several TV shows.

While the verdict that declared Johnny Depp the winner appears conclusive, Heard’s defense said she intends to appeal the court’s decision and will seek to demonstrate “new and conclusive evidence” that she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Abuser and victim. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard played both of these roles in their relationship. The ex-couple, who met in 2012 on the set of “The Diary of a Drunk Journalist”, had a fate far from the happy ending of a romantic film . Signed in 2015, the marriage lasted 15 months. Since then, six years ago, the private life of the two has become public and gained prominence: they appear in the press around the world exchanging accusations, while their achievements in cinema are mere supporting actors.

The overwhelming passion that ended in divorce gave way to a long, multimillion-dollar court battle, fraught with mutual accusations and slander, in a toxic relationship on both sides. During the trial of the defamation lawsuit filed by Depp against Amber – which began on April 12, in the United States, and is still expected to last two weeks -, this was even attested by the former couple’s therapist, Laurel Anderson. According to her, the artists were victims of childhood abuse and triggers were triggered in their coexistence, which was reflected in their relationship.

‘Want my blood’: Depp asked to be stabbed in fight with Amber

Petition for Amber Heard to leave ‘Aquaman 2′ has millions of signatures

Johnny Depp says poop in bed was one of the reasons he broke up with Amber
On her part…
Amber Heard “loved the side of Johnny that we see in the movies , charismatic, charming, generous. That’s the man she fell in love with,” attorney Elaine Bredehoft told the jury in recent weeks. “But unfortunately, the monster appeared, and this monster appeared when he was drinking or using drugs,” she added, mentioning alcohol cocktails, medication, cocaine, ecstasy , and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Johnny Depp felt “an enormous rage” that turned him into a “demon” and “it was during these episodes of anger that he attacked verbally, psychologically, physically and sexually” Amber Heard, explained the lawyer of the actress.

… on his part
On the other hand, the actor’s attorney, Benjamin Chew , said: “Amber Heard has forever changed Depp’s life and reputation and you will hear him talk about the terrible impact it has had on his life.” According to him, Amber Heard accused her then-husband of violence in 2016 to get revenge on him, who would have asked for a divorce . During the trial, Depp claimed to be a victim of domestic violence.

Johnny Depp in a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) – Reproduction – Reproduction
Depp’s roles took a back seat
Image: Reproduction
Dinner, dancing, drugs and poop in bed
In addition to claiming that Amber Heard was aggressive during the relationship and remembering that both used drugs at the wedding party , Depp also spoke at the trial about one of the reasons that, according to him, would have caused the breakup.

In his testimony, he highlighted that the ex-wife was responsible for putting feces on the bed after a couple’s fight . “My initial reaction was to laugh,” he said of the photos presented. “It was such an outlandish, bizarre, and grotesque thing that I could only laugh.” The information is from the Insider website.

In the sequence, Depp spoke about the justification presented by Amber after the actor found the feces in the bed he slept in. “She tried to blame the dogs. They are small Yorkshires and weigh about four pounds each. I lived with those dogs. I took their poop. It wasn’t the dogs,” he said.

The actor said he was assaulted by his ex-wife before the episode and also found Amber’s friends to blame for the feces in the bed, as she had gone out with them the day before.

Knife and “walking ashtray”
An audio from Johnny Depp caught attention during the trial last week . The actress’ defense showed a line from the actor who asks to be cut with a knife during an argument, according to the Daily Mail. “You took everything and you want my blood. Take it,” he asked in 2016, according to Amber’s lawyers.

Depp claimed that the blood was “the only thing he had left” in the face of the wear and tear of the arguments in the marriage. He confirms that he even offered a knife to his ex.

“She denied it. I said the blood was all I had left. If she wasn’t going to do it, I would have done it. I was at the end, broke . There was no threat to Heard. It was about spilling my blood, it was the only thing she didn’t have”, he said, afterwards.

TMZ also pointed out that Amber accused Depp of “using her as an ashtray” and throwing cigarettes at her body. “I’m going to die! You’re causing me so much stress,” she said in another audio presented during the trial.

Every fight, two versions
The horrible fights were constant in the marriage. In May 2016, Amber appeared in court with bruises on her face, eye area, and mouth. The bruises were caused by the ex-husband’s aggression, according to the actress. The actor’s defense, however, says that the injuries were caused by herself, as he and Amber had not seen each other for at least six days – the star traveled to Europe for a tour of the band Hollywood Vampires.

Four years later, in 2020, part of a video testimonial made by Depp was released. In it, the actor claims he bled after Amber threw a broken vodka bottle into his hand, which was leaning against a marble counter. According to him, the reason for the fight would have been a post-nuptial contract.

In the video, he says, “I was trying to get my finger back,” smiling. “And dealing with the insanity of having my finger cut off by this woman I was married to .”

Amber’s version of the disagreement is completely different. According to her, the actor was hitting her with one hand while slamming a hard plastic phone against the wall with the other, which would have caused the injury.

take it, give it here
“You will see the real Johnny Depp, beyond the red carpets, the fame, the money and the pirate costumes” , J. Benjamin Rottenborn, one of the actress’ lawyers, told the jury during the opening of the trial.

Christi Dembrowski, Depp’s sister, described in her testimony a toxic marital relationship in which an “always confrontational” young woman exaggerated her husband’s drug and alcohol problems and called him a fat old man.” Amber and Depp are 22 years apart: she is 36 years old and he is 58.

“Dior is class and style, and you don’t have style,” said the former sister-in-law on one occasion, when talking about an advertising contract with the brand, said Christi. Since 2015, the actor has been the face of the French brand’s Sauvage perfume, and the brand was one of the only ones to continue to support him after his ex-wife’s accusations — sales of the fragrance (which, in Brazil, costs from of R$509) have increased since the matter became public.

R$34 million divorce was just the beginning
Amber Heard filed for divorce and accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence in May 2016. At the time, a restraining order was determined by the court – the actor should keep 91 meters away from her until the case was heard. She tried to delay the court case so she could use Depp’s testimony. The judge, however, claimed to have enough documents to formalize the dissolution of the marriage, which took place in January 2017.

The hammer was struck and an agreement worth US$ 7 million (the equivalent of about R$ 34 million) was signed . Depp’s lawyers appealed for a postponement of the process, but the request was rejected. Amber also got a negative in court. She wanted the actor to pay for her defense expenses. In the end, each felt the end of the relationship in their own pockets.

Apparently, everything was resolved. Amber promised that she would donate the $7 million to charity. However, in 2021, Johnny Depp’s lawyers claimed that the good deed had not been done .

In a statement sent to E! News, her lawyers confirmed that the donation had not yet been made for “financial reasons”. The culprit, according to them, was Johnny Depp, for having filed other lawsuits against her, which made her spend again on lawyers.

Papers signed, divorce concluded and another season released. In 2017, the ex-couple no longer stood out for their jobs, but rather for their personal life filled with accusations of emotional abuse and domestic violence .

In late 2018, Amber published an article in the US newspaper The Washington Post: “I spoke out against sexual violence and faced the wrath of our culture. This has to change.” Depp was not even mentioned, but the accounts told by the actress were quickly associated with him. After this subtle exchange of barbs, the actor filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, for defamation – this is the trial that is ongoing, and Depp asks for US$ 50 million, approximately R$ 250 million.

After the article, the British tabloid The Sun published a text with several negative adjectives against Depp, among them “women beater”. The interpreter of the most famous pirate in cinema sued the vehicle , and lost the action. At the time, there were other revelations about the star, such as abusive use of alcohol, drugs, physical and mental violence.

Depp, who played Jack Sparrow, left the famous movie pirate without an ending. According to the artist’s agent, the abusive way he appears in his ex-wife’s actions was responsible for her departure from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Amber even wants Disney to testify against the actor in the courts .

A possible “Hollywood boycott” was cited by Depp, as his latest film , “Minamata”, is way past its scheduled release date. Shown for the first time at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2020, it only hit theaters at the end of 2021. “Five surreal years”, said the actor in an interview with “The Sunday Times” in August last year, in reference to while the two exchange accusations and lawsuits, between 2015 and 2020.

As Johnny Depp stays away from the movies, his fans have created a petition for Amber to also be removed from work. The request for her to leave the cast of “Aquaman 2”, scheduled for March 2023, has already accumulated more than 2 million signatures .

Two Sides of the Story and a Conclusion: Mutual Abuse
In the most recent season of the breakup, even the ex-couple’s therapist had to speak up. Laurel Anderson, who has always heard both sides of the story, did not defend either.

According to Deadline, the psychologist said that the artists were victims in childhood and this was reflected in their marriage. “He was pretty controlled for, I don’t know, almost 20, 30 years, and they were both victims of abuse in their homes. With Ms. Heard, their triggers were activated and they were involved in what I saw as mutual abuse.”

She further said that Amber had a “hammer-talking” style while Johnny “had trouble speaking at a similar pace”. In a note, Laurel wrote, “He hits her. No clenched fist. She hits back and starts it out of pride because her father hit her.”

“She said she fights back out of pride… A lot of things are triggers for her. If she’s ‘triggered,’ she hits him first,” Laurel said of a report by the actress.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter how long the story drags on: the two continue to lose and there is no good guy or bad guy. The next two weeks promise to be hot in court.


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