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Top Female Video Game Characters We Are All Crazy About It

The portrayal of women in video games is a touchy subject. This is primarily due to the *over-sexualization of female characters in video games to appeal to men.

While we are inundated with female video game characters who rely on men to survive and wear revealing apparel, others stand out for the right reasons. These are the people we’ll be discussing.

10. Chell – Portal

Similarly as the Gordon Freeman character, Chell is quiet all of the time. Also, we have barely any familiarity with her. Be that as it may, this is actually the thing gives her a moment request. During the game, we discover that she is “unusually difficult” and incredibly determined, which is the reason she turned into a guinea pig, albeit at first dismissed. As GLaDOS says, Chell, the “perilous, quiet insane person” sparkles, which is the reason she was likewise included in Portal 2.

9. Ciri – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The powder-colored hair Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, or as most know her, Ciri, is one of the truly amazing female characters in the Witcher establishment. She is Geralt’s embraced girl, turns into a witcher, *dies, and turns into a sovereign. Likewise, she stands apart as the main playable person in The Witcher games other than Geralt. Ciri has Elder Blood and can squint (transport) behind her adversaries, which makes her in-game battling style unique in relation to that of Geralt, yet all the same similarly charming. Furthermore, we will before long appreciate it significantly more as The Witcher 3 will be sent off for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

8. Cortana – Halo

Assuming you never played Halo, you could realize Cortana as Windows 10’s associate. This isn’t a happenstance since the Cortana computer game person that previously showed up in Halo: Combat Evolved was Microsoft’s motivation. In the game, Cortana is an AI bot that accepts the type of a wonderful lady. She is savvy, clever, and one of the most grounded female characters in games.

7. Bayonetta – Bayonetta

Bayonetta (genuine name Cereza) is broadly adulated as an extremely charming areas of strength for and in gaming. While the game was a mixture of good and bad among fans, everybody appears to concur that she was impeccably intended to stand apart on account of her ladylike picture and simply being unique. She is additionally an umbra witch and has an extraordinary story. This prompted her showing up as a visitor character in a few games other than Bayonetta, similar to Super Smash Bros. what’s more, The Wonderful 101.

6. Princess Zelda – The Legend Of Zelda

You will have enormous issues finding a more well known princess than Zelda in computer games. She was so generally welcomed that the game presently has areas of strength for a following. Indeed, even back in 2009, Princess Zelda was portrayed by the Official Nintendo Magazine as “a resilient lady who, with her sword and bow and bolt, is equipped for standing her ground in a battle.” But this is a tiny piece of the Zelda character. Simply request any fan from the series.

5. Kitana – Mortal Kombat

Indeed, even individuals that don’t play Mortal Kombat know Kitana. The person initially showed up in Mortal Kombat II and she in a split second shaken things up. As a matter of fact, she was casted a ballot as the best contender in that game as her pack was great all around. While this changed throughout the long term, her fame just developed further female person that at last winds up administering Outworld.

4. Chun-Li – Street Fighter

Many don’t have the foggiest idea about this however Chun Li was really the absolute first playable female computer game contender in an establishment that became well known all over the planet. Everything began in 1991, with her introduction in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. From that point, she was included in practically all games and had a tremendous social effect. She influenced style in China and numerous melodies discuss her somehow. Incalculable big names and cosplayers should be visible at shows taking on the appearance of Chun-Li. The first despite everything among the best.

3. Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

Jill Valentine is arguably the most memorable female character in the Resident Evil franchise. She first appeared in 1996, in the original Resident Evil game. What was interesting was that Jill was not *oversexualized when she was introduced to gamers. This was a bold move since then, all female characters in video games were *sexualized. As time passed, Jill Valentine was featured in most Resident Evil games, in the movies, and made several cameo appearances. She is even playable as a Chun-Li alternate costume in a Street Fighter game.

2. Samus Aran – Metroid

Samus Aran is the oldest video game character on the list as it debuted in the first Metroid game, which was released in 1986. She was an ex-soldier turned bounty hunter. What made Samus Aran special is that we did not know she was female until the end of the game. This surprised gamers and led to a revolution in how women were portrayed in gaming. Without Samus Aran, we might not have had Nintendo. This is how influential the character was.

1. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Underworld box art

It is hard to argue with Lara Croft as number one on the list of the top female characters in video games. She appeared in 1996 and instantly took the world by storm. After all, she was a very attractive archaeologist, a great fighter, very agile, was shooting guns like no other, and so much more. This game character holds 6 Guinness World Records and is widely recognized as the first *sex symbol in the gaming industry. Obviously, the character is controversial but nobody can deny her success.


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