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Top Twitch Streamers Live Streaming Games in 2022

Live streaming on Twitch has exploded over the past few years, as has the amount of women Twitch streamers who broadcast their own playing. What are the most popular Twitch streamers who are female?

We didn’t pick our most popular gamers based on the amount of views or comments they have on the Twitch stream. The players we chose are skilled in gaming, are entertaining they provide insightful commentary, create authentic connections with their viewers, and create excellent streaming that anyone, even gamers will appreciate watching.

Keep an eye on this Seven Female Twitch streamers in 2022.
Although many female streamers prefer to play games that are trending in Steam as well as Game Pass, these women who are listed below stream games for proper motives. We hope that you agree with us and maybe you’ll learn how to stream through Twitch with one these women and you’ll be included on our list in 2023.

Twitch Stream #1: Annemunition

The women who make a living gaming on Twitch | Games | The Guardian
We’ve previously mentioned Annemunition but it’s worth the honor of highlighting her even more. Anne is an extremely skilled FPS player, with a sly personality. She is a player in a variety of well-known shooters, like Apex Legends and PUBG. She has nurtured a welcoming and friendly community that’s welcoming and welcoming. In addition, Anne is a big advocate for her LGBTQ community, which results in her diverse viewers. In terms of her character, she has sharp wit, which can make her funny without being excessive.

TwitchStream #2 Fuslie

Twitch Streamer Fuslie May Be Moving to YouTubeIt was copium for me” - Fuslie explains why she baited her audience by hosting her "final Twitch stream" a few days ago
Although she’s not a solely a game streamer, she has an inexplicably strong passion of live stream games. She often plays a variety of enjoyable and exciting titles such as Mario Kart. She’s too willing to play something that isn’t child-friendly, such as GTA V. On top of this, she’s participated in the challenge of the eye tracker at various times So, checking out her stream when she is making new videos for eye trackers is an absolute pleasure. Joining the Fuslie’s Twitch streaming is a blast because of her engaging on camera persona, livestream ideas that are entertaining and the snarky stuff that she has to share when she’s not with her gaming pals.

The Female Twitch Streamer 3: MissHarveyStephanie "missharvey" Harvey - HYPE!!! Couche-Tard sent me a BIG box...and I heard it may contain some #Halo loot inside! 😳 Let's open it TOGETHER! 👉 twitch.tv/missharvey | Facebook

People who enjoy tactical FPS gaming titles such as Valorant and CSGO ought to know about MissHarvey. If you’re not familiar with her, follow her as she’s all-inclusive. She broadcasts professionally, with excellent audio and video. missharvey - YouTubeShe’s extremely interactive in her audience, making them feel at home. Her show is highly educative too – that’s why we think she could benefit by adding eye tracking, just to say!. Because of her talent and the way she presents her games, viewers are able to learn a lot that will increase their skills. If you happen to visit her channel, be sure to drop a “hi” as MissHarvey is extremely welcoming.

#4 Female Twitch streamer: FrankieFrankie on Twitter: "I get to spending my weekend talking all things @PlayOverwatch at #PCGamerWeekender - if you're not here, you can watch the masterclasses on https://t.co/AVoFUEL4a4 https://t.co/uC7rQ1T74A" / Twitter
What’s the best thing to say to say about Frankie Ward? She’s got it all! From tactical shooters such as C::GO, up to Battle Royales like PUBG. The best part, however it’s when she’s in the mood to show off dance on Just Dance. In addition, think of the magnitude of a reward you’ll be getting when she displays her baking abilities. Outside of her Twitch streams, she’s an esportscaster so you’ll know her skills in communication and analysis will be awe-inspiring.

The Female Twitch Streamer 5 beMintCaffeinatedMint on Twitter: "Dis is your reminder that I am flying virtual planes on #twitch right now! Yes, that link😋 #stream #live https://t.co/aIj3k7o4gI https://t.co/7IkfuzQnkT" / Twitter
People who love simulator games and especially Microsoft Flight Simulator, may be interested in keeping watch on the less-known streamer who is female. With the rise for live streams of simulator games on Twitch and other content creators like beMint are finally getting their chance to shine. Her friendly and chilled manner of speaking creates an event with a great style. She’s welcoming and friendly to her Twitch viewers, with excellent chat interaction.

Female Twitch streamer #6 SharpieDaPurpleSharpie
There are numerous fight game community (FGC) best female streamers on the internet however we wanted to pay tribute to Sharpie. Although she’s a king at the indie team fight Skullgirls and Skullgirls 2, she’s also been famous for her kicking in other popular games like Tekken 7. In terms of personality, Sharpie is a fun-loving character who’s never afraid of talk about her opinions. Sharpie is a frequent Skullgirls commentator and is adept at analyzing her play and is great for people who are just trying to master the game. Beyond that, Sharpie is a wonderful social media celebrity to follow across the range of platforms . She’s also got an extremely inclusive outlook.

The Female Twitch Streamer 7 ItsHafu

Hafu on Twitter: "Officially 6 full years on Twitch! Hands down the best chapter of my life. I love games and I'm so happy to have been able to share my experience
There’s no doubt that within Hearthstone, there’s no doubt that in Hearthstone, Hafu is an absolute legend. She’s not only one of the top streamers in her class and genre, but she’s also one of the best female streamers in general. A friendly personality that is always smiling and talking her thoughts, Hafu is a joy to watch for long periods of time. Her forte can be found in Hearthstone Arena, where she is often discussing her selection of cards and making smart deck-building choices. In addition to Hearthstone, Hafu is a huge World of Warcraft player and an avid fan of all kinds of strategy. Hafu has also got a great camera presence, which makes her a fascinating person to observe and engage with throughDominating the Video Game Industry One Breakup at a Time | by Dan Gheesling | DanGheesling | Medium

Are you happy with our choices of the best female Twitch streamers to follow in 2022?
There are many famous female streamers such as STPeach, Kaceytron, Kyedae, Stream Hatchet, and Pokimane who create amazing videos that are worth watching. The list above for female streamers on live streams is only the beginning of the list.

No matter if you’re a female streaming or writer regardless of gender, we’re confident that these seven gamers can bring an abundance of gaming enjoyment to your day.


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Top Twitch Streamers Live Streaming Games in 2022

Live streaming on Twitch has exploded over the past few years, as has the amount of women Twitch streamers who broadcast their own playing....

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