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Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers And Now Can Breastfeed Each Other’s Babies

Briana and Brittany Deane, a couple of twins included in TLC’s unscripted TV drama ‘Outrageous Sisters’ hotshot their kin bond that goes farther than most. The indistinguishable couple loves doing everything together, similar to each and every sister in the show.

Brittany said, “I think there was some basic pressure that on the off chance that one of us got excessively intense with a singleton fellow, it would destroy this fantasy we had, which was consistently our expectation, despite the fact that others let us know it was ridiculous.”

They at long last met their fantasy accomplices and chose to get hitched. Brittany wedded Josh while Briana got along with Jeremy.

The pair got married and planned their pregnancy! At the show, the two couples talk about how they co-parent each other’s child.

Jett, the elder son, and Jax are genetically siblings as they are quaternary twins.

They would wear the same outfits every day from pajamas to their casual attires. Brittany said, “More often than not, it’s very much a joint effort. I think that because we have the same brain, we will both wake up thinking, ‘OK, I want to wear X outfit today,’ or whatever the event is that we have going on that day.”

They love each other as sisters and wish to be able to stay together forever. As an inseparable duo, they’ve been dreaming about dating another pair of twins.

The twins spoke to Insider, “So often, we were in relationships with singletons who didn’t understand our twin sister bond,”

It’s not just the sisters; the fathers, Jeremy and Josh also feel the same about their sons.

Jeremy told ET, “I feel like I’m Jett’s parent and I think [my brother] feels the same way about Jax. We all live together and we are raising the kids together. It feels like one family unit, not two separate couples with their own babies. It’s the four of us with our two babies.”

The moms are also shown breastfeeding each other’s child in the show.


They’ve also been talking about how they might address each other with terms like “duncle” and “aunt mom.”

While it was like a dream come true, the sisters find it a bit challenging when they lead individual lives with their partners.

“Without Briana, I just feel a little bit insecure, I feel like Josh is so cool, and I’m just a dork,” said Brittany when she went off for a dinner date with her husband, Josh.



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