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We could all be Living In Virtual Worlds With*Sex and Romance by 2030

Could VR give humans a future like in the Surrogates movie?

Living in a world like in the Surrogates certainly sounds interesting. Living as whoever you want in a different reality is something that sounds intriguing, but is it actually possible? Could VR allow us to be who we want while living in a different reality? Well, it certainly is possible and probably will happen.

The renown Dr. Canton has stated that we are getting closer to immersive virtual worlds. This will allow humans to explore and have different experiences not seen before. This would make the life in virtual reality very similar to that of Surrogate.

In a virtual world like Surrogates, we would have control over who we would be and how intimate we can get.

*Suggestive Adventures in Virtual Reality

The manner in which players can encounter VR is developing because of things like full body suits

Computer generated Reality will generally arrive in a type of a headset which projects practical pictures and sound, as well as establish a climate that causes you to feel like you are there. It’s three layered and totally intelligent.

Organizations like Sony and Samsung have proactively started delivering their own headsets. The most well known of all would need to be the Oculus Rift possessed by Facebook. It was initially a venture by Rift yet was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion as they saw the potential this had. With the status quo headed, computer generated experience is most certainly what’s to come.

Fiendish Paradise is an organization chipping away at bringing the absolute first suggestive computer generated simulation computer game. The CEO Jeroen Van Den Bosch expressed how he needs to make a relation experience game that can equal standard games. One thing they’re zeroing in on is making the player care for the accomplice so it feels that more significant when the cozy scenes really occur. A game like this would play like an ordinary experience game yet would now be more relation than seen previously.

How genuine does *sex feel like in augmented simulation?

The headway in computer generated simulation has permitted personal demonstrations to feel substantially more genuine. Because of things like the sounds and the show assists make it with appearing to be genuine. Indeed, even the presentation of full body suits and different articles has assisted augmented simulation with developing higher than ever.

The VR *sex suit works with the oculus fracture for a game called *sexy Beach. There are sensors in the suit which reproduce genuine sensations which makes every response appear to be genuine. It is very pricy and has some appeal as it keeps on selling out.

How *sex feels in current augmented simulation goes from one individual to another. Some have expressed that doing it in VR doesn’t feel something similar. This can boil down to the headset and how there’s hardly any continuing actually. Others have said that it feels to some degree comparative and that it is a positive development.

Love Making and Virtual Reality

VR has further evolved with suits helping to heighten the experience

A recent research has found that one in ten british women have confessed to wanting to have virtual reality *sex. A little less than half of all the women believed that advanced technology will make *sex more fun. Many british people in general are open to the idea of using virtual reality.There are people who are against this though. They believe that *sex is something that should be done with an intimate partner, and not done virtually.

For men, there is a type of illusion VR which makes you think you are having intercourse. The user must wear a full body suit including a headset. The suit sends impulses throughout the user’s body and makes them feel as though they are being touched by an actual person.

Touch is one of the strongest senses humans have, and virtual reality uses that to its advantage. Different objects like Tactai Touch has further proved this.

Tactai Touch is a revolutionary device in the world of VR. Advanced touch technology takes things one step closer to realism.

The Tactai Touch device uses advanced technology which tricks the brain into thinking that it’s touching something even if you’re not. If you put your finger into an virtual object, the device vibrates to your finger and makes it feel as though you are touching a real object.

The Technology Behind It

AMD is changing the way VR works as it’s headsets make for a better experience for players.

Top technology company AMD has stated that they do believe that actual life and virtual life can be nearly identical. Things like headsets have problems as the more powerful the graphics, the more nauseous the player will feel. AMD has a new chip will be using beamforming which can send signals to a single target.

The question that comes would be, who would you be in these virtual worlds? When you play a virtual reality game, you are playing as the character. Becoming whoever you want such as in the movie Surrogates, isn’t farfetched. With technology and virtual reality continuing to grow, this can definitely be a reality.

This Is The Future

Sales for virtual reality has been on a rise and is doing very well. It’s obvious that there’s a good amount of people who really want to see this happen. Having romance or anything of that sort is currently only possible with headsets and controllers, but it’s obvious that the technology is continuing to grow. Whether you believe that *sex and romance should only be done with an intimate partner, or that doing this in virtual reality is fine, there’s no doubt that this is the future.

But *sex with robots could become a reality in just 10 years, and even be more popular than love-making between humans in 2050.

This is the bleak prediction of futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, who also believes that by 2030, most people will have some form of virtual *sex using virtual reality headsets.

A report, authored by Dr Pearson, looks at how *sex will evolve and predicts love and *sex will become increasingly separate in the future, as robots take on human roles such as in sci-fi scenarios seen in Channel 4’s Humans and Spike Jonze’s film, Her.

The report also says future *sex toys will use augmented and virtual technology.

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‘As well as toys and apps, we’ll also get direct nervous systems links, dream linking and even body sharing,’ it says.

‘You’ll be able to link your dream *sex to other people, feel their sensations as well as your own, and directly stimulate orgasms by the touch of an icon, or even send someone an orgasm over messages.

The report looks at how *sex will evolve and predicts love and *sex will become increasingly separate in the future, as robots take on human roles such as in sci-fi scenarios seen in ‘Humans’ and Spike Jonze’s film, Her (a still from Her is pictured showing Joaquin Phoenix’s character falling in love with an operating system
The report looks at how *sex will evolve and predicts love and *sex will become increasingly separate in the future, as robots take on human roles such as in sci-fi scenarios seen in ‘Humans’ and Spike Jonze’s film, Her (a still from Her is pictured showing Joaquin Phoenix’s character falling in love with an operating system

‘*sex will be easier, safer, more frequent and a lot more fun.’

It predicts that the majority of couples will use virtual reality in the bedroom by 2035 to experience different *sexual scenarios and temporarily even change the appearance of their partner.

Chris Simms, managing director of Bondara commented: ‘I remember watching Demolition Man in the early nineties, there is an iconic scene based in the year 2032 where Sandra Bullock’s character dons a headset and attempts to have virtual *sex with Sylvester Stallone.

‘Back then I laughed at how crazy a future world would be where no one had physical relations anymore –it seemed completely absurd.’

However, the report says people will probably wear light weight glasses or even ‘active’ contact lenses with ‘active skin’ able to record and replay sensations, rather than the huge virtual reality headsets that have just launched.

Instead of interacting with a real person, people could use VR headsets to enter a realistic 3D environment of their choice to play with an AI character.

‘You can play with an AI character you’ve designed to fulfil your wildest fantasy and nobody but you need ever know…[or] you can indulge fantasies with real people as themselves or in fantasy avatars in exciting environments,’ the report says.


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