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What are some really good techniques to woo a woman like Sara?

Here’s how you do it.

The first step is to become their friend. Get to know them well, and ask them out on a date. While on the date, take her hand, and stab a toothpick with your flag on it through her hand.
The best technique to get a girlfriend would be to approach more girls and beat the odds.

Do more real &_actual listening than talking.
Let her lead every now & then in things.
Give her space.

Recognize the ever true fact in life that there is only ONE Queen bee. Even discussion of another mutual female friend could lead to problems. Keep compliments to your love only & NOT to other women. Not even her best friend! Maybe even especially NEVER her best friend! (Only grief resides in breaking of this rule)
Do not be possessive or jealous. It’s a sure deal & relationship buster!
If you are a controlling person, just best you remain single! Only frustration & pain will lay ahead if you try.
Men do not change. Women do. Especially after giving birth. They mature & grow up a lot. Men just buy & play with just bigger & more expensive toys.
Women need lots of social action & drama in their lives.

A woman’s house is a direct manifestation of who she is. More than just a reflection like men. It is her nest, her vital responsibility. It is what she is. What she ho!ds dear. Her stronghold, fortress, and fashionably decorated cosmos. And it DOES CHANGE, just like herself. (hair style, hair color, clothing, trends, attitudes)
Roll with her changes. If you don’t, well guy, she just may find someone who will. Just sayin

If your probability of a girl saying yes is 1/10 (1 in 10) and you approach 2–3 girls, you would need to be lucky, but if you approach 100 girls, then you would have 10 potential candidates to choose from. If she doesn’t say ‘yes’, then also you can also choose to be friends with her and can ask her to introduce you to her friends (Research says that she will be more inclined to set you up as she declined your offer/request).

Let’s evaluate this technique:

From the previous point, your social circle will grow and the number of potential candidates to ask.
Your social skills will improve. You will start to notice things which girls usually like and things they don’t. You can experiment with these too.
Your confidence level near girls will improve.
If this works out, you can even try your hand in sales and marketing.
Most of the skills people suggest like be nice, sense of humour, being romantic, care for her etc. you will naturally catch on this.

True Story.

Now start the counter, learn from mistakes.



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