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What are the right things to say to a woman like me?

The right things at the right time according to your principles on good v bad, right v wrong.

Be clear on those things and you will not go wrong.

I always….

Look after peoples mental health, help them feel better or understand something easier. I sometimes jump in with action in order to help. I am practically useful
I help peoples self esteem by celebrating the good in them. I encourage that allways! I might compliment the clothes they are wearing if I genuinely like an item. (honesty matters) or I might celebrate something they said that truly caught my attention. I would compliment them on having said something really interesting and worth remembering.

I always arrive cheerfully and leave cheerfully having done as much good and help as I can inbetween. I make sure the experience of me is so good that it can only leave a great advert of me in their head when Im gone! Actions are adverts!
I take care of concerns. If I know or even suspect I may have accidently stumbled into offending someone, hurting someone emotionally, forgot something or neglected somebody in any way then the moment I realise I communicate with that person and make sure we are all good. If required I apologise and make fresh arrangements or change a behaviour for the future. the first rule of relationships is: take care of all concerns fast
Always thank people for their time, their energy or their gifts to you. When people feel appreciated they remember you fondly !

I won’t attempt to speak for all women, but in my own experience and those I’ve observed, women simply want you to be yourself. Now, the problem you may (or may not) be having is that you have been yourself in the past and found that not every women you spoke too ended up falling for you, or liked it.

So you, perhaps, started to wonder if you needed to say a specific set of phrases to make any woman you want feel drawn to you.

The truth is, there is no such set of phrases. Every woman is different, and also we tend to be good at picking up when a man is running through a checklist pickup lines and sweet-nothings to get our attention. I actually think that’s fine — we all gotta do what we gotta do — however, it’s going to be difficult to have a meaningful connection with a woman if you’re overly concerned about the “right” things to say.

Focus more on discovering who she is. Actually listen to what a woman says (assuming she is saying anything of substance) and you’ll be quite surprised that the right words will come to you, because you’re not trying to manufacture them. They’re all natural.



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