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Why Sara Calxito is the hottest ?

When I say this girl is cute, I mean they are type of girls I won’t date. The reason is she looks like a good girl, a nice girl, alright to be friends with but I can’t see myself being hard on and sexually attracted and hot for her.

Some girls when I say “you’re cute,” they think I am attracted to them but I’m not. Some girls make it worse in that they’ll talk about crushes, how other guys send them messages.

I see them now as…cute.

So if you’re a young woman wanting to date and be a lover for an older guy, you best avoid that kind of behaviour or down the line, he’s going to be turned off because you remind him of his sister, cute, and not really a woman who he is attracted and sexually attracted to.

That’s why some young girls find the older man walk away because they behaved in a….cute way not in a way of a sexy woman or a beautiful woman. When an older man walks away I guarantee you, somewhere in the conversation, whether text, phone or face to face, the girl talked about crushes, talked about attention from guys.

He may not have noticed or said something, but that was poison a young woman didn’t realise, will become one of the reasons why the older mature man, will see her as nothing but like a friend or sister, or someone to really walk away from.

She has become…cute. Cute isn’t what mature older men or bad boys want.

There won’t be dynamites flying off but you know, she’s cute, awwww. Just like “my sister…seeking attention, awwww.”

They have the features as I said of looking like a good girl, closet type of girl who doesn’t go out much, seems socially awkward but might not be but the perception in what she dress, seems that way.

You want to squeeze her cheeks, give a hug, cuddles, and if you date her, you can imagine feeding each other, in a romantic way.

She’s that shy girl, awkward when socializing, and cheeks you want to squeeze and hug her but that’s it.

When I see a cute girl, she doesn’t project “Seductive,” and “sexy.” or “hot.” I see her try hard in doing it but she’s dorky when she does it and too much attention seeking.

The Pretty…

She’s the cute girl that has a mature look about her. I say mature look, not mature as in behaviour and life.

Some still have the “cute behaviour,” which is again, attention seeking.

They talk a lot of shit, negativity, problems about life, study, work, friends, babysitting or whaever, and haven’t left the teen world.

So the talk is almost if not all, about their life and packed with low self esteem and sexual insecurities.

Some are mature but just don’t judge book by cover or how they project online or offline because most as you get to know, will behave different to you than out in world and it’s a lot of immaturity.

Online they can sound mature with words but when you get to know most of then pretty girl, they cute girls who are just older.

Still, her looks is whatever society standards regarding girls is:

  • She has her eyebrows sorted and perfect, curves and in line.
  • She has a certain type of lips and smile
  • She has that certain type of eyes
  • And her hair as well is different from the cute.
  • You’ll even see her clothes are difference and she has that cute but mature feel to her.

In other word…the cute girl, nice girl, who looks mature.

I personally won’t date cute and pretty. I might find myself lookig at her, maybe get attracted, but as time goes by, I’ll find she’s just a cute girl who is older and still has the behaviours of an attention seeker.

Not all pretty girls are like that but..I’m not going to chance it.

She’s the girl who looked cute a few years back and now she has grown, she looks pretty but still has a touch of cuteness to her. See above edits the “cute,” section.

The Hot…

This is one of type of girls I’ll date.

She’s not sexy and not pretty but she’s very hot.

She’s far more sexually attraction than the cute and pretty girls. She has the body, those deadly curves, and so, she’s sexually attractive. She’s also sexually confident and desires to explore, experimental and isn’t going to wait around like the cute and pretty girls.

She’s the hot girl who walks on the beach and walks into a night club, or street and heads turn. She’s the girl where she’s so hot you want to put your hands on her, because she is that…hot.

The hot girl is sexually attractive in looks and figure than the cute and the pretty girl. She’s…hot and there is no doubt about it.

It’s so awkward that it kills attraction and sexual tension down the line, let’s say a few months or a year or so, to find you cannot see a future with them. If they are like this now, then they’ll be worse later on, no matter what they say on how they will be so open when together.

Meh, it’s part of who they are and so you move on. I’ve learnt the hard way. I tried even a few months back or a year or so, and still, find this to be true so decided now, never going to bother with girls who are faking sexual appeal.

If a woman is subtle to flirt, forget it.

She’s probably one of those girls who hasn’t much friends, in some book, into mystic zodiac stuff, facts kind of girl, and just someone who doesn’t really have this level of confidence and self esteem.

I find those who are pretending, you’ll later find through texting lots, seeing the girl more, she is wearing a social mask.

It is dissapointing to find she’s sexually insecure, or she’s a girl who flirts subtly, believer of romance and mystics too much. She’s always in her head and imaginery world and not enough in the real world.

So communication leaves you empty and you can’t help but feel achining emptiness to walk away from her.

That’s someone being someone they are not, because they haven’t invested inside of themselves first to develop sexual appeal.

Sexual appeal is an attitude and with attitude comes a set of behavours, which means work needs to be done inside the girl not just outside.

If you just do outside, then when she does meet the world, she doesn’t know how to behave in a sexy way. She finds herself fumbling in behaviour, in words, have no idea how to flirt and use her body and it’s very..dorky.

It’s not fluid and flowing with attitude that radiates sexual appeal.

When guys find out they will drop the pretender so fast and they will resent her for faking she is high sexual, and realise, she hasn’t sexual appeal.

When guys finds out she hasn’t that attitude, then we see see through her mask of fakiness and see just a girl trying too hard, socially awkward, and hasn’t reached this level of attraction.

Sexy as I’ve said is an attitude.

It brings a vibe and feeling oozing with high self confidence, self esteem and when a guy flirts text wise, or face to face, you up your game and show him, fold.

She got sexual appeal shining from her and as you can see below, sexy isn’t about colour but attitude.

Look at her eyes, her clothes, her posture and she doesn’t need a choker to make herself look hot and sexy, but if she had one, it is not the choker that makes her sexy but her own demeanor…

The sexy girl is now a woman, who has grown to have sexual appeal, love for her body, love for her curves, love and damn if anyone in this fucking world will try to make her feel insecure about her ass, tits, curves and anything about her.

Sexual appeal loves in the moment, the present and they go getters when it comes to dating and guys.

Sexy has the walk, she talks the sexy way, she has the swag, she has the demeanor, when she walks in the room…she has atturude, confidence, oozing with sexual attraction.

It’s not subtle.

It’s attraction behaviour of a high level.…

She will use her body, use her eyes, and even and flow with it like a master. She will up her game when a guy flirts sexually and not be intimidated and flirt back with far more hardcore behaviour to leave him standing.

When you see her, you can imagine and cannot help but to imagine being in bed with her naked, pinning her to the wall and have your whole tongue go down on her and knowing she is going to be wild, sexually confident and loving it.

She can be average looking but she can be sexy and she can turn guys head around because she is of a higher level in sexual attraction knowledge, skill, experience and most of all, confidence in her body and herself.

She owns it when she walks in because sexy is an attitude. She’s learnt the art and science of attraction.

The Beautiful…

When you see beautiful women, you are captivated by how she makes you feel amazing from the inside.

Why is that?

Well, instead of talking alot about themselves, their problems, she makes you feel wonderful because she really does want to connect with you.

When you leave her, whether she has had a text conversation, a phone conversation or face to face – you leave feeling how she is beautiful she is, inside and out.

You feel warmth, feel comfort, you feel safe with her and she doesn’t make you feel low, down but equal and even far better than before you met her. There is no conversation game.

There isn’t “what is all this about?”

Beautiful women have all the attributes of cute, pretty, sexy and a hot chick, all rolled into one.

On top of all these attributes, their personality feels like it’s pure, feels like it’s perfect even though we know none of us are perfect but it feels like they’ve grown, they really do know how to communicate and listen.

Their personality always want to give and by that, they give by asking you about your life, about what you do, about what makes you feel amazing, what you’re into and you find yourself, she knows so much about you in an hour than many women do in years.

Notice the difference when you date most girls…

It’s all about them.

Every text, every conversation is mostly for attention seeking, validation, take…take…take.

Not here…with the beautiful woman.

She isn’t in need of attention and lots of superificial validation. She wants real and she gets that which is real by finding out about the man, asking him questions and he will bare his soul to her.

Man won’t feel the aching pain of emptiness but walk away feeling filled up with inspiration, dreams and most of all, a lot of love.

By the way, she is a master of seduction, can flirt like a sexy, can be cute, and pretty at the same…time!

She is the beautiful woman. The godess of love, self love. She has reached that level and now understands what real love is.

She has figured out teh final mystery of love is not in the stars, not in the world out there, not in woman out there or man, though she loves humanity as she is part of humanity.

She figured out then mystery of love is…..self love.

Therefore, she is a master of being comfortable in her skin, her body, sexuality and she can turn it on whenever she desires fore she also has knowledge, experience and maturity.

That includes her Psychology.

Beauty is often about the combination of a woman’s inner beauty and that includes her psychological factor such as her personality, charm, elegance and grace. It will also include outer beauty as well, such her maturity and wisdom to keep herself healthy, youtful looking, and there is the symertry and her complexion.

And lastly, we have Gorgeous..

For example, Angline Jolie is pretty but when you mention gorgeous, it is now adding something else, which is about a woman’s all-around attractive body, fashion sense, her style of clothes, the trend.

Collins English Dictionary, the word ‘beautiful’ means: “possessing beauty; aesthetically pleasing”.

While beauty is complimenting a womans overall beauty which includes her inner as well as the outer beauty…gorgeous is specifically focused of a woman’s striking and stunning beauty.

It’s about the beauty in a more aesthetically, visual, what you see, pleasing to the eye and doesn’t include overall beauty such as the psychology, personality, charm, elegance, grace, inner beauty.


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